Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
June 20, 2005

Voice Over IP Technology

by Brian Turner
When you are looking for a top provider of Voice Over IP Technology, you can expect a number of choices due to the large number of providers in operation. At the same time, finding a provider that offers the exact services and features you are looking for can prove to be a challenge. To that end, it is important that ...

June 14, 2005

Voice Over IP Service

by Brian Turner
Voice Over IP Service provides telephone quality audio to Internet users. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. The Voice Over IP Service will allow you to converse with others verbally and visually over the Internet. Benefits of Voice Over IP Service: Voice Over IP Service combines voice and data communication. The service is safe, with numerous security features. It ...

June 11, 2005

VoIP Phone Service

by Brian Turner
If you regularly make long-distance phone calls, chances are you've already used VOIP Phone Service without even knowing it. IP telephony, known in the industry as VOIP Phone Service is the transmission of telephone calls over a data network like one of the many networks that make up the Internet. While you probably have heard of VoIP, what you may ...

June 10, 2005

VoIP Tutorial

by Brian Turner
VoIP is the ability to make telephone calls and send faxes over IP-based data networks with a suitable quality of service and superior cost/benefit. VOIP Tutorial is the solution to your free Internet provider problems related to pre qualified MLM leads builds your downline fast and funding opportunities. VoIP (Voice over IP) Internet telephony refers to communications services—voice, facsimile, and/or ...

June 4, 2005

VoIP Courses

by Brian Turner
The objective of VOIP Courses is to provide a technical and practical overview of Voice over IP (VoIP). The VOIP Courses identifies the main elements of the technology and presents them in an accessible format. At the end of these VOIP Courses delegates will be conversant with VoIP technology and understand the role of VoIP in their or their customer’s ...

June 2, 2005

VoIP Barrier To Entry

by Brian Turner
The overriding theme of any VOIP technology is connection. The idea is to allow you to stay connected via an IP network such as the Internet, even if you are based in a suburban or rural area well-removed from a major city center. This flexibility is especially important where only analog service has previously been available, or where DSL service ...

June 1, 2005

Residential VOIP

by Brian Turner
VoIP (voice-over IP) is a technology where voice communications are delivered using the Internet Protocol (IP). Simply put, your land-line telephone calls can be transmitted in real-time using the power of the Internet, and answered just like you would any telephone call -- by picking up the phone -- at a substantial savings over Telephone Company calling plans. It works ...