Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
July 29, 2005

How Does VOIP Work

by Brian Turner
How Does VoIP Work? Internet telephony refers to communications services—voice, facsimile, and/or voice-messaging applications—that are transported via the Internet, rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The basic steps involved in originating an Internet telephone call are conversion of the analog voice signal to digital format and compression/translation of the signal into Internet protocol (IP) packets for transmission over ...

July 20, 2005

VoIP Services

by Brian Turner
VoIP Services providers must be extremely sensitive to the perceptions of their customers, because a decision to change ser-vice can be precipitated from such negative perceptions as: When a user of these VoIP Services perceives unacceptable instantaneous quality, the user is likely to terminate the call prematurely. If a user using VoIP Services perceives overall poor quality after completing a call, ...

July 14, 2005

VoIP Companies

by Brian Turner
Internet telephony companies or VOIP Companies already offer major cost savings over traditional telephone services, but now they're challenging one another for the title of cheapest of the cheap in an increasingly brutal battle for customers. After nearly seven years on the fringes, so-called VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) technology is ready to move into the mainstream. But as the ...

July 3, 2005

VoIP Information

by Brian Turner
When you are looking for the most comprehensive VOIP Information available, you will quickly find that you have a wide range of resources at your disposal. At the same time, negotiating the vast amount of information on your own could be imposing. Your other option, in this case, could be to rely on the expertise of a company with experience ...

July 2, 2005

VoIP Police Communications

by Brian Turner
Keeping on the cutting edge: No doubt, given its history of staying on the cutting edge, the Bayonne Police Department will make sure that its communications system continues to keep up with the latest technology like using VOIP Police Communications. It’s nice to know that, until that time, by choosing Zetron public safety equipment they’ve ensured themselves of the reliability ...

July 1, 2005

VoIP Telephony

by Brian Turner
VoIP Telephony has been garnering much ink over the last few years and is currently one of the hottest segments of the industry. The VoIP Telephony allows voice traffic to be routed over the Internet or corporate intranet--which means virtually no billing at all for some long-distance calls and just local charges for others. More important, is that it all ...