Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
October 12, 2005

VoIP Call Generator

by Brian Turner
There are many VoIP Call Generators available in the market differing in their cost, complexity and functionalities. We are discussing few good ones here. Like WinSIP is a high-performance, scalable, low-cost SIP bulk VoIP Call Generator that runs on standard PC hardware. The test tool provides RFC 3261-compliant SIP signaling and media load generation for both voice and video-over-IP calls. ...

VoIP Testing

by Brian Turner
Plenty of vendors are selling good VoIP solutions, but the truth remains that the overwhelming majority of enterprise networks are not ready for VoIP Testing. That does not mean you have to undertake a major overhaul of your LAN and WAN infrastructure to enjoy the benefits of converged voice. In fact, sometimes the only problem with a network is a ...