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VoIP Call Generator

by Brian Turner
October 12, 2005

There are many VoIP Call Generators available in the market differing in their cost, complexity and functionalities. We are discussing few good ones here. Like WinSIP is a high-performance, scalable, low-cost SIP bulk VoIP Call Generator that runs on standard PC hardware. The test tool provides RFC 3261-compliant SIP signaling and media load generation for both voice and video-over-IP calls. This VoIP Call Generator allows the construction of test scenarios that model the real-world environment, including 3GPP, by providing control over all aspects of the calls. Call files and individual call attributes can be modified or fine tuned using a simple, familiar spreadsheet-style interface.

New features include a redesigned, high-performance SIP stack based upon the RFC3261 specification of the dialog/transaction model, automatic answering of inbound calls on the well-known port, finer granularity of call durations and call-start delays, TCP/IP support, and other features. The tool is available as either a downloadable software application or as a prepackaged test instrument.–Delta Test Protocol Solutions.

The 323Sim™ VoIP Call Generator is capable of emulating the functionality of an H.323 terminal. Several H.323 simulators can be deployed to increase call volume to thousands of simultaneous calls, with each 323Sim generating 2,000 calls at a rate of over 50,000 calls per hour.

This full-featured package is a complete H.323 implementation that enables developers and service providers to benchmark, load test and verify proper protocol implementation in Voice over IP equipment. A component of the VoIP Performer™, the 323Sim offers ultimate performance assurance by testing gateways, gatekeepers and other VoIP products prior to their release or deployment. In addition, 323Sim commands can be automated by use of MasterScript scripting commands.

The 323Sim includes the MediaStress module which can be used to generate loads of up to 2,000 sessions with RTP per server. It supports full signaling and RTP streams in various codecs. Utilizing RADCOM’s hardware transmission capabilities, the MediaStress enables users to test carrier grade gateways and mediators. It verifies media servers’ behavior and reliability with high volumes of calls. The MediaStress module is also useful when testing network readiness for H.323 solutions, or large-scale gateways between packet and switched-circuit networks and media servers.

Features of this VoIP Call Generator:

Generates and receives over 2000 H.323 calls
Provides fine-grain control over call setup rates and parameters.
Simulates gatekeeper communication procedures by enabling RAS message generation.
Displays call activity and completion statistics such as setups, releases and active calls online.
Transmits RTP voice packets encoded in various codec formats for load testing a gateway.
Simulates a wide variety of H.323 terminals by providing detained RAS, Q.931 and H.245 parameter definitions.
Loads gateways and gatekeepers with thousands of simultaneous calls.
Enables activation of specific portions of the call setup process (RAS, Q.931 or H.245) for pinpoint testing.
Displays gatekeeper statistics.
Supports fast start connections and early H.245.
Scripting capabilities for automatic test procedures using the Performer MasterScript.

There are many other types of VoIP Call Generator. You can compare them using different parameters, for example ExtremeTech compared the two newest ways to call friends via the Internet: The SIPphone from Lindows vs. the Skype service from the developers of Kazaa.

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