Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
January 31, 2007


by Kathryn Lang
The NEC Corporation has developed a new technology that it claims will keep SPIT (Spam over Internet Technology) from effecting VOIP subscribers. VOIP SEAL, as NEC has labeled it, uses The Turning Test to determine if a call is legitimate or not. The Turning Test was first described by Professor Alan Turning back in 1950. In it, a ...

January 25, 2007

VOIP Business Users Need to Up Their Security

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP security is as valuable as a safe. It will keep information and communications locked up from the bad guys. Very few business owners understand its importance. No one in his right mind would leave a cash register just sitting open, or a door unlocked to his business at night. Owners put bars on windows and install CCTV ...

January 22, 2007

Residential VOIP on the Rise

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is making a rise in the residential market. By the year 2010, just four short years from today, it is projected that it will have a compound annual growth rate of 24.7 percent. That will give VOIP a sizeable chunk of the residential telecommunications market. VOIP has already shown a steady increase in the business market, and its ...

US Servicemen Could Suffer in VOIP Block

by Kathryn Lang
Everyone wants to control the money, and the South Korean Internet providers are no different. They had been threatening to begin blocking VOIP calls through companies not registered under the Korean Telecommunications Business Act. The blocking was to begin as early as June, 2007 and would affect all the US service men currently stationed in that region. The ...

More Clarity for VOIP Headset

by Kathryn Lang
There will be no compromise anymore. Businesses today demand the best sound quality out of their IP phone systems. Plantronics has introduced a new VOIP system designed specifically with these picky business leaders in mind. The new VOIP headset solutions being launched is the Plantronics Supra Plus Wideband headset and Vista M22 amplifiers with Clearline audio technology. ...

January 17, 2007

Calculating VOIP Market Share Is Tricky

by Brian Turner
Just how many VOIP subscribers does BT have? It would depend on who you ask. BT recently announced that it had reached the one million mark with VOIP customers. Market analysts call this a misleading announcement because it is “loosely worded.” BT has come back and completely disputed the comments ...

January 3, 2007

Free Cell Planet pushes on China VoIP market

by Brian Turner
You can avoid paying international phone call charges – at least to half the world. That’s the idea behind the company Free Cell Planet. The new calling service that it will feature plans to offer more than 40 countries available to customers to call for free. Free Call Planet utilizes VOIP technology to allow calls to be made from any ...

Taiwan earthquake disrupts VoIP

by Brian Turner
Earthquakes recently caused massive problems for the communications industry and internet systems in the Taiwan area. Other countries need to learn from this disaster in order to prepare for the possibility of one of their own. Being unprepared is part of the reason that the region was hit so hard by the natural disaster. It effected communications globally ...

January 2, 2007

VoIP handsets offer choice

by Brian Turner
The choice for a VOIP handset is wide. It can swing from something as simple as a USB device that feels much like a mobile phone but attaches directly to the computer all the way over to the opposite extreme of a complete wireless handset. The choice will be determined by the needs and the price. The ...