Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
February 28, 2007

VOIP - the Pros and Cons

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – can be a good telephone service choice for some homeowners. It has several upsides when compared to traditional telephone services, but it also has some downsides. One of the most appealing aspects of VOIP is the cost of the calls. Most unlimited calling plans can start out as low as $25 ...

February 27, 2007

VOIP Reduces Costs

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is a budget saver for a world that has families, life, and businesses spread from continent to continent. Traditional phones calls for long distance and out of the country calls would run any phone bill up out of reason. With families breaking up and spreading out, the VOIP services are becoming a valuable part of residential life. Small businesses ...

VOIP and Skype

by Kathryn Lang
Skype is a type of VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. It is one of the many VOIP providers that have appeared on the market in just the last couple of years. It is one of the services that run on your computer. There are many benefits to the Skype service. It is the choice of many ...

February 23, 2007

VOIP Going Grand

by Kathryn Lang
GrandCentral Communications, Inc has announced that its new service now works with Gizmo Project. As of right now, GrandCentral customers will have the ability to call anywhere in the world – over the internet – for free. The new service uses personal computers, select Nokia mobile phones, and Internet Tablets to make the VOIP calls. GrandCentral is moving into the ...

February 21, 2007

VOIP - What’s Hindering Innovations

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is not advancing as fast as some of the industry insiders would like. Almost since its conception, the experts and technologically savvy users have complained that there is not enough innovation in the service. It’s easy to point the problems of VOIP squarely at the big telcos. Some even say that these are the companies hindering the ...

February 20, 2007

VOIP - Telling it Straight

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is just one of many acronyms that technologically savvy people use when discussing internet technology. The common man is more likely to say phone service. Recently I met a lady who was using VOIP as her primary phone service. She had no real awareness that she wasn’t using the same technology that we use at my house. ...

February 19, 2007

VOIP - Private Network is the Better Choice

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is Voice over INTERNET PROTOCOL – not voice over the internet. It may seem like a fine line, but there is a difference. VOIP over public internet lines tends to have poor quality, dropped calls, jitter, and latency. Public internet lines are not managed and do not show a distinction between voice data and data that is ...

February 17, 2007

VOIP Basics

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is a fairly new technology. Companies like Vonage and Skype are intriguing consumers with the service. But just what is VOIP? Voice over Internet Protocol is voice communications (telephone calls) over the internet. Instead of using traditional phone lines, the VOIP process uses the same broadcasting system as the World Wide Web. VOIP to VOIP calls are ...

February 16, 2007

VOIP Security – Do It Yourself

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is a great technology. Many internet experts say that it has the potential to kill even the large telecoms, close the gap in the third world’s communications, and even bring international business to a new day. Predictions are that as early as 2009, VOIP will be the standard form of telecommunications. Providers are coming on board on ...

February 15, 2007

VOIP Could Be Hurt By Deregulations

by Kathryn Lang
Canada is poised to deregulate the local telephone services and it could signal the devastation of the small VOIP providers. The Minister of Industry made the announcement recently that the move would benefit Canadian consumers. The good news for the consumer today could mean bad news in the long run. As the big telcos begin to get more aggressive with ...

February 9, 2007

VOIP Could be Googled

by Kathryn Lang
Google is eyeing a whole new VOIP, and it could shake up the world of voice communications forever. There are several routes that Google could take to enter the VOIP market. With the recent acquisition of multiple fiber optic lines, Google has the option of starting its own VOIP network with a minimum interference from outside companies. Google could also ...

February 8, 2007

VOIP Security on the Rise

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is on its way to being a more secure industry. In the past, security hasn’t been a high priority for the new technology. The criminal minds tend to focus on the largest market available. With VOIP subscribers on the rise, the thieves are starting to pay attention. BorderWare Technologies has announced new security technology for VOIP. ...

February 6, 2007

VOIP - the Connecting Factor for Small Business

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is making small businesses more connected. When smaller companies switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), one of the benefits is being able to contact their employees anytime. Whether the workers are on the phone, on the road, or at home, VOIP keeps them just as connected as they would be if they were all in the same ...

February 3, 2007

VOIP Going Cordless

by Kathryn Lang
There can be a major hitch to VOIP service. With many of the Voice over Internet Protocol phones available on the market, a caller is physically connected to the computer. In this society that always needs to be on the go, cords are something that must be avoided at all costs – even if it means paying higher for a ...

February 2, 2007

VOIP Is Being Bundled

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is bundling up. Bundling is the process of putting together multiple products into a single package. It is quickly becoming one of the hottest new ways to draw new providers into the VOIP market. The bundling will dramatically decrease the cost of initial investment, sometimes up to as much as thirty percent. Nortel Networks if the latest company ...