Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
April 19, 2007

New VOIP Service from BT

by Kathryn Lang
BT has introduced its own VOIP service that will allow users to access Microsoft Office documents and applications while they are away from their computer and on the move. Office Anywhere is a service that combines Microsoft Office with IP calling from WiFi connections. This will be a great addition to the existing VOIP features for many of the ...

April 17, 2007

VOIP is Going Mobile

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is working its way into the mainstream of life. Fortunately, companies are aware of this trend and are working towards a system that will combine society’s attachment to the cell phone with the new technology of VOIP. WiFiMobile is launching a new service that will allow users of some Nokia mobile phones to be able to ...

April 14, 2007

VOIP Pioneer Vonage Still Fighting

by Kathryn Lang
Vonage customers are beginning to worry over the VOIP provider’s recent court losses. The last hearing on the current injunction was just one more nail in the giant’s coffin. Although Vonage is allowed to keep current customers (at least for now), the court order prevents the company from acquiring new customers. Many current subscribers are preparing for the ...

April 13, 2007

VOIP in the Business Community

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is drawing some of the business community, but they are not abandoning traditional telephone service as some experts initially predicted. Most companies are choosing to step into the new technology lightly, with almost half of them keeping the traditional service as well. It is likely that the adoption of VOIP by businesses will continue to grow. This ...

April 10, 2007

VoIP Inc Standing Its Ground

by Kathryn Lang
VoIP Inc is looking to protect Intellectual Property that surrounds its web-based calling services. The company has sent out notices to parties it feels is infringing at this time to let them know it is taking the initial steps to stop them. VOIP is becoming a more widely used as the web-based calling services begin to emerge and spread. ...

April 6, 2007

VOIP Struggling to Survive

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is running into problems that are more than just the recent patent cases - this is according to some experts in the industry. Not only have many of the providers been struggling financially (including Vonage, one of the largest providers), but with recent patent losses in court, the situation is only going to get worse. For a long ...

April 5, 2007

VOIP and Cisco

by Kathryn Lang
Cisco is making a move into the VOIP small business market. The area of the industry it is targeting will focus on resellers. Cisco will make the announcement of the new endeavor on Tuesday. The new VOIP will be called the Smart Business Communication System. It will offer a variety of integrated voice systems and it will ...

April 4, 2007

VOIP Coverage Could Be Expanding

by Kathryn Lang
One of the downfalls of VOIP has been consumer concern over network coverage. Many subscribers felt like there was just not enough of it for most individual use. This is changing and the coverage is expanding every day. VOIP is being offered by many companies as an alternative to the traditional land line telephones. Larger ...

April 3, 2007

VOIP Expands the Small Business

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is not just for the casual user. This great internet technology can help the small business man save big bucks in communication expenses. It is especially beneficial to that home office that may have online employees or customers all over the world, or is looking to expand that direction. There are several things that make VOIP attractive ...