Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
May 25, 2007

VOIP Features Perfect for SMB

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is a great option to get for any business. The ability to use the internet for a phone service is opening up many doors, particularly for the small business market. It can be especially beneficial if the right features are included in the over all service. Shopping around with the different providers will help you ...

May 18, 2007

VOIP Helps to Develop the World

by Kathryn Lang
VOIP is aiding the growth of developing countries by providing an inexpensive communications line between companies in that country and consultants around the globe. Government run and regulated phone companies have hinder the expansion of development because of the cost they have placed on communications in order to ensure revenues. ShoreCap Exchange, a non-profit organization that provides (and helps ...