Daily VoIP News Digest
Thursday 24th of December 2009
July 31, 2007

TIC Installs VoSKY Exchange 9140

by Jan Harris
Total Integrated Communications (TIC), a Birmingham-based cabling and network specialist, has installed a PBX-to-Skype Gateway from VoSKY Technologies. The VoSKY Exchange 9140 will improve communications with remote workers and customers and provide lower Skype calling costs. TIC's employees in the UK and Spain will be able to make, receive and transfer Internet-based Skype calls over standard office phone systems. Employees ...

July 30, 2007

Ofcom orders VoIP services to allow 999 calls

by Jan Harris
New proposals published by Ofcom, the regulator for the UK communications industry, require VoIP service providers to allow users to make 999 emergency calls by early 2008. Recent research by Ofcom found that up to 78% of VoIP users who cannot use their service to call 999, either thought that they could call the emergency number or were unsure if they ...

July 20, 2007

Lindy announces entry-level USB VoIP phone

by Jan Harris
Lindy Electronics' latest USB VoIP phone is idea for anyone who is put off from using Skype by the usual headset and microphone arrangement. The phone has a two-piece design, similar to a traditional phone, and allows users to make calls between PCs and from a PC to a landline or mobile phone. Once it is connected to the PC, ...

Cruise to integrate VoIP with Microsoft Exchange

by Jan Harris
Cruise GmbH is planning the seamless integration of its Asterisk-based VoIP system with Microsoft Exchange 2007. The Cruisephone merges a conventional phone line with Internet telephony to create a single platform. The Cruisephone box supports over 40 VoIP accounts and provides full telephony functions such as conference calling, call waiting and customized day/night settings. The integration with Exchange will allow ...

July 19, 2007

Ooma provides free phone calls over broadband

by Jan Harris
Ooma Inc has developed a device which provides free, unlimited phone calls over a broadband connection, using a standard home phone. Ooma also provides a free second line, conference calling, voice mail service and an online area when voice mails can be received in an e-mail format. The company is selling the devices in the US on an invitation-only basis ...

July 18, 2007

Talkety VoIP available on iPhone

by Jan Harris
Talkety.com, a British / German venture, has made its web-based telephone service available on Apple's iPhone. Talkety's service uses VOIP technology and does not require any additional computer software or hardware. Apple iPhone users can now use Talkety.com’s phone-to-phone technology on their handsets. The iPhone application will connect any two users, of either a cell phone or a landline, by number. ...

July 17, 2007

Court instructs T-Mobile to allow Truphone calls

by Jan Harris
Truphone has won the first battle in its fight to run its VoIp service over the T-Mobile network. Truphone launched legal proceedings when T-Mobile blocked calls to Truphone numbers over its network. Truphone claimed that T-Mobile was "preventing the launch of the Truphone service" and "abusing its dominant position". Deputy High Court Judge Robin Knowles QC has made an interim ...

July 16, 2007

Argyll & Bute council enhances services with VoIP

by Jan Harris
Argyll and Bute council has turned to VoIP to provide effective communications over an area of challenging geography. The council has set up a virtual customer service centre which allows staff to work more effectively from offices scattered around the area and its islands. The service will be rolled out across the council's services. The authority covers an area with over ...

Skype users warned on phishing attempts

by Brian Turner
Skype users have been warned to be especially vigilant against phishing attempts, after a wave of emails aimed at compromising Skype accounts were sent out over the weekend. Phishing emails claim to be from a bona fide company, requesting revision of internet login details. For example, from a bank claiming that after a security review, your online details must be updated, ...

July 13, 2007

Yoomba turns email addresses into phone numbers

by Jan Harris
Start-up company Yoomba has launched a peer-to-peer service that allows users to click a link within an email message or an address book entry to either chat or make a VoIP call. The service is accessed simply by going to Yoomba.com and entering an email address. The user then receives an email with a link to click to activate the account ...

July 12, 2007

Ascalade launches VoIP phones in Europe

by Jan Harris
Ascalade, a US-based VoIP hardware manufacturer, has secured a deal with an unnamed service provider to launch its Companion Simple VoIP phones in Europe. The VoIP provider's application has been configured to work seamlessly with Ascalade's handsets without the need for a separate piece of internet communications software. Users will be able to make VoIP calls simply by plugging the ...

July 11, 2007

Forestry Commission upgrades network for VoIP

by Jan Harris
The Forestry Commission is planning to upgrade its communications network to provide voice over IP (VoIP) to its workforce. The upgrade will also enable greener business practices. The organisations network was provided under a £14m, seven-year contract with Global Crossing, which commenced in 2005. Global Crossing has provided a standard, unified voice service to the Forestry Commission's 3,500 employees, ...

July 10, 2007

OneSuite launches hybrid VoIP/PSTN service

by Jan Harris
OneSuite, a US-based provider of prepaid, long-distance and international phone cards, has launched a new product - OS Hybrid - in the US market. Users of OS Hybrid can switch calling methods between the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) and VoIP. They can also use fax and email and make and receive calls on a PC under one ...

July 9, 2007

VoIP attracts 34 million new subscribers

by Jan Harris
In-Stat estimates that VoIP subscribers increased by 34 million worldwide in 2006, with Europe accounting for nearly half of these. The VoIP market in Europe showed the largest growth with 14 million new subscribers during the year, with demand driven by local loop unbundling and the introduction of cable telephony and triple-play services. The countries with the largest number ...

Inuk and C&W partner for triple-play services

by Jan Harris
Cable & Wireless and Inuk Networks have entered into a wholesale deal worth around £70 million over five years. Under the terms of the contract Cable & Wireless will provide Inuk's Freewire subsidiary with access to it UK-wide multicast network, enabling the delivery of 'triple-play services' - IP television, VoIP and broadband. Inuk provides triple-play services to UK students in ...

July 5, 2007

More businesses turning to VoIP

by Jan Harris
New research, by business communications software firm Interactive Intelligence, has identified a growing trend for businesses to deploy hosted services, VoIP, video and unified messaging. Interactive Intelligence surveyed 2,500 global enterprise and contact centre customers. While 90% of those surveyed said they didn't currently use hosted services, a substantial 72% said that they planned to use them in the future. The ...

July 4, 2007

Polycom recognised for VoIP product quality

by Jan Harris
Polycom has been recognised by consulting firm Frost & Sullivan for its VoIP product line. Frost & Sullivan presented Polycom with its annual award for the company that best fulfils the needs of its customers. The award recognises the wide range of VoIP products provided by Polycom. Frost & Sullivan's decision was influenced by Polycom's broad portfolio of IP ...

July 3, 2007

Vyke combats call blocking with software upgrade

by Jan Harris
Vyke Communications Plc has upgraded its VoIP software to circumvent call blocking by network operators. Vyke's forthcoming version of Vyke Mobile IP, which will be released in the fourth quarter of 2007, will include self contained VoIP capabilities. This will restore full functionality to handsets that have been 'locked' by mobile operators. Vyke recently entered into an agreement with ...

July 2, 2007

70% of firms will use VoIP

by Jan Harris
A new study by Coleman Parkes Research forecasts that seven out of ten global businesses could be regularly using VoIP on mobile devices over the next two years. The study, which questioned 200 CIOs at enterprise companies across the UK, Europe and the US, found that more businesses are using data applications on mobile handsets, and more are also ...