Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
August 31, 2007

Mahanagar becomes first Indian telco to provide VoIP

by Jan Harris
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL), India's state-controlled telco, has entered the VoIP market, becoming the first landline carrier in India to provide the service. The company is offering competitive international long distance rates, some of which are cheaper than those charged by Skype. The new service, which MTNL provides in partnership with Verso Technologies, Inc and Aksh Optifibre Ltd, is available ...

August 29, 2007

Regent Inns adopts VoIP

by Jan Harris
Pub group Regent Inns has installed a new VoIP system across its 100 UK sites. The group owns pub chains Walkabout, Old Orleans and Jongleurs. The company has installed a hosted VoIP service which can utilise existing broadband data connections. The service provides Regent Inns' employees with web-based conference calling and location-wide paging. This rings all the phones in an ...

August 28, 2007

BT partners with Sony to provide VoIP on PlayStations

by Jan Harris
BT Group Plc and Sony Corp will launch Go!Messenger wireless software in January 2008, that will enable video and voice calls on Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld game player. Users of the PSP will also be able to send instant messages via the device. The software will connect to any broadband wireless Internet point using VoIP Internet telephony. BT, which ...

August 27, 2007

Snom launches partner programme for VoIP

by Jan Harris
Snom Technology AG, a German manufacturer of VoIP telephones, has launched an Interoperability and Technology Partner Programme. The programme will offer customers, and trade and installation partners simple, complete VoIP solutions. The scheme, which is mainly internet based, will help partners identify suitable products to suit their needs, whether this is specific technology or an open system. It will also ...

August 25, 2007

WiFiMobile provides international GSM calls at local rates

by Jan Harris
Mobile VoIP provider, WiFiMobile, has improved its international calling service for users in the US and UK. The company has addressed the issue that free VoIP calls on a Nokia device can only be made when the user is in range of a Wi-Fi access point, or through an unlimited data plan. WiFiMobile's customers in the US and ...

August 24, 2007

Traditional telephone companies could be replaced by VoIP

by Lin Freestone
It has been suggested by the Communications Management Association that the days of the traditional telephone companies are coming to an end as voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is putting an end to their long dominance of communications. Some organisations may be cautious of making the jump to VoIP, perhaps wanting assurances that they will still have rapid response times to ...

Is VoIP reliable for small businesses?

by Lin Freestone
The recent 48 hour outage of Skype has underlined the fact that many small businesses may not want to cut off their traditional phone services just yet. Many experts agree that it's risky for small businesses to rely too heavily on services that use voice over IP technology that leverages the public internet, for the simple reason that the public ...

August 23, 2007

Bangladesh to licence VoIP provision

by Lin Freestone
The Bangladeshi government has announced that it will sell VoIP licences to private operators in an auction in October 2007. The telecoms authorities in Bangladesh have reported that the government has approved the International Long Distance Telecommunication Services Policy 2007. The first stage of the policy involves international gateways hooked up to submarine cable and interconnection exchanges. The second stage will have ...

EMC announces VoIP monitoring software

by Jan Harris
Infrastructure systems company EMC has launched Smarts VOIP Performance Manager and Smarts VOIP Performance Reporter to help companies manage their IP telephony system. The software allows companies to monitor, diagnose, and report on their VoIP system, with Performance Manager providing real-time data, while Performance Manager carries out data analysis. The package provides alerts on issues that could affect IP telephony services, ...

Improved Packet8 VoIP service from 8×8

by Lin Freestone
8x8, Inc., originator of the Packet8 Broadband Phone Service, has announced several improvements to its Packet8 VoIP services. In particular, the Packet8 Freedom Unlimited residential calling service has been expanded to include unlimited calls to regular, non-mobile numbers in locations such as France, Italy, Spain, the UK, Puerto Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands, in addition to unlimited calls ...

August 22, 2007

VoIP.co.uk cuts users off due to technical issues

by Jan Harris
Skype isn't the only VoIP company to be experiencing difficulties this week. IP telephony service VoIP.co.uk experienced a technical problem on Monday, leaving users unable to place calls outside the company's network, although subscribers were still able to make calls to other VoIP.co.uk subscribers. The company experienced a problem with passing traffic, which was resolved with the working day. It ...

VoIP enhancements from Verizon’s business unit

by Lin Freestone
The Business Unit of Verizon Communications is to launch a VoIP service for customers of its Hosted IP Centrex package that will give users access to new features like text messaging and calendar synchronization. The package allows users to access voice e-mail, control incoming and outgoing calls, manage their online presence, send text messages, and synchronize contacts and calendars. Verizon ...

August 21, 2007

New VoIP network monitor from NetQoS

by Lin Freestone
NetQoS, a Texas-based software and services company, has launched a VoIP monitor to help organisations gauge how well VoIP systems are delivering end-user services and pinpoint the network causes of quality issues. By adding call setup and call quality metrics to its existing VoIP management capabilities within the NetQoS Performance Centre, NetQoS now offers the most comprehensive performance monitoring solution ...

EMC unveils comprehensive solutions for IP telephony management

by Lin Freestone
EMC, the world's leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions, is broadening its VoIP horizons with the release of new performance tracking and reporting capabilities for VoIP devices. EMC has licensed Integrated Research's Prognosis technology for use in its EMC Smarts VoIP Performance Manager and Performance Reporter products. Denver-based Integrated Research is a leader in VoIP management ...

Skype outage caused by massive PC restart by users

by Lin Freestone
It has been established that the blackout that left millions of Skype users without the ability to make Internet phone calls from their PC for two days in August was, in fact, triggered by the users of the service. The recent outage happened after a massive restart of its users' computers across the globe as they re-booted after receiving a routine ...

UK businesses slow to adopt VoIP

by Jan Harris
According to research commissioned by IT services company Dimension Data, UK companies are slower to adopt VoIP communications systems than their counterparts in Europe and America and are therefore missing out on the financial benefits of IP telephony. The survey included 390 IT managers and 524 end users in 13 different countries. While 60% of the US firms surveyed used ...

August 20, 2007

3CX forms alliance with VoIP Unlimited and Zen

by Jan Harris
3CX, the network infrastructure software specialist has entered into a strategic alliance with VoIP Unlimited which provides SIP services, and specialist software distributor Zen Software. The companies hope the partnership will facilitate the development of interoperability between their products. This will allow resellers to deploy complete SIP services and SIP software packages to their customers with total confidence. All three ...

Skype outage underlines unsolved VoIP issues

by Lin Freestone
The technical difficulties at Skype, which caused problems for an unknown number of Skype’s 220 million registered customers worldwide, continued for several days. On Thursday 16 August, subscribers found that they couldn’t log in to their computers to make a phone call. Skype informed worldwide users on its website on Thursday morning that a software glitch was the culprit. ...

i-Fortuity grows in global VoIP market

by Lin Freestone
US-based VoIP service and distribution company, i-Fortuity, has made considerable gains in global online positioning, distribution channels and customer acquisition in the global VoIP market. Voice over Internet Protocol is the revolutionary new service that is replacing traditional analog phone lines with Internet-based calling. Advantages to VoIP service include free or reduced cost international calling, free business class features and global ...

Canadian partnership delivers international VoIP solutions

by Lin Freestone
Canadian companies, Call Center Development Services and Ubity Solutions, Inc., have formed a strategic partnership that gives Call Center Development the ability to offer its popular Centcom call center services internationally, using Ubity Solutions’ VoIP network and technologies. With this partnership, Call Center Development will use Ubity Solutions’ global-reaching VoIP network and technology to offer the Centcom virtual call center service ...