Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
October 31, 2007

Magnet launches converged voice and data VoIP service

by Jan Harris
Magnet Business, a Dublin based broadband business, has launched a new converged voice and data service for VoIP phone systems. The service is provided over a single circuit which eliminates the need for separate ISDN lines. The reduction in expensive ISDN lines, combined with cheaper call charges, can save businesses up to 85 percent in costs. The service is available ...

Wholesale VoIP service expansion from AT&T

by Lin Freestone
AT&T, the world leader in voice and IP networking, announced the expanded availability of its Voice Over IP Connect Service (AVOICS). AVOICS is the flagship wholesale VoIP offer for US service providers that require IP-based connectivity to AT&T's global IP network for long distance call termination. For more than 10 years, AT&T has provided wholesale VoIP solutions, which address the US ...

October 30, 2007

CSR launches Music’n'Voice dongle design

by Jan Harris
CSR Plc, the Cambridge-based provider of personal wireless technology, has launched a USB Bluetooth dongle design, which enables Bluetooth headphones to be used with a PC for VoIP calls and for the wireless streaming of music. The low cost Music'n'Voice Bluetooth dongle allows users to switch between listening to music and taking a VoIP call. It is available from CSR ...

October 29, 2007

Conferencing speakerphone from Phoenix

by Lin Freestone
Phoenix Audio Technologies, a US-based innovator of audio communication solutions, has launched the Quatro Speakerphone, which operates as an add-on device to existing telephones. The device utilises features like dialing and memory storing, while taking over the audio portion of the communication and replacing it with its processed and improved audio stream. In addition to the core speakerphone unit, there are ...

3UK launches Skype phone on November 2

by Jan Harris
3UK, the mobile phone company, has announced the release date for its Skype phone, which will provide mobile VoIP services. The 3 Skypephone will allow Skype users to make free calls over the internet. It will also allow customers to send instant messages to other users for free. The phone, which will also function as a standard mobile phone, will ...

US study indicates VoIP still lags behind in call quality

by Lin Freestone
Keynote Systems has issued the results of a recent study which shows that VoIP users in the US are still experiencing significant sound quality and audio delay problems. The study measured twelve major VoIP and digital phone providers in terms of service availability, call completion rates, and audio delay. The results showed that, although these services have improved in recent years, ...

October 26, 2007

OnRelay launches Swiss office

by Jan Harris
OnRelay, a privately held VoIP software company headquartered in London, has opened a branch in Switzerland as part of its international expansion strategy. OnRelay is notable for having launched the world’s first global private mobile branch exchange (MBX). The OnRelay MBX is able to seamlessly integrate employees’ mobile phones with an enterprise's existing corporate voice system (PBX), providing the first Fixed ...

Vonage settles patent dispute with Verizon for up to $120m

by Lin Freestone
Vonage, the New Jersey-based provider of Internet-based telephone service, has resolved its ongoing patent dispute with Verizon Communications for a maximum of $120m. The precise amount of Vonage's final payout to Verizon depends on whether the federal appeals court grants a rehearing requested by Vonage on the two central patents. If Vonage wins a rehearing on either of the two patent ...

World Phone unveils VoIP plans in India

by Lin Freestone
World Phone Internet Services, India's leading Category "A" ISP, has announced its plans to provide post-paid VoIP for the first time in the country. The monthly plans are targeted towards Indian companies, and will enable them to make calls to the USA, UK, Australia and Canada at Rs 995 onwards, effectively bringing the price down to less than 50 paisa ...

October 25, 2007

Global Crossing adds Mexico to its VoIP Local Service

by Lin Freestone
Global Crossing, a US-based global IP solutions provider, has extended its VoIP local service to 16 major metropolitan cities in Mexico, and a further 400 cities in the United States. The company now offers its Global Crossing VoIP Local Service to a total of 21 countries. By adding 400 more cities in the US, including Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and ...

WiFiMobile takes control with own VoIP client

by Jan Harris
VoIP provider, WiFiMobile, is promoting the benefits of having its own VoIP client - oneFone - as opposed to relying on Network Operators to supply handsets with the manufacturer's VoIP client pre-installed. WiFiMobile has developed oneFone as a stand-alone application which allows a mobile user to benefit from a VoIP service, even if a Network Operator removes the manufacturer's client. This ...

October 23, 2007

Trial download of NoiseFree VoIP

by Lin Freestone
Noise Free Wireless, a leading US provider of next generation software for the enhancement of voice-based communications, has made available for trial its new NoiseFree VoIP, Beta product version. VoIP users wishing to try the Beta product version can go to the Noise Free website: http://www.noise-free-wireless.com/ and download a copy of the software. NoiseFree VoIP offers a unique, patent-pending software solution that ...

European Regulators’ Group want harmonised VoIP rules

by Lin Freestone
The EU’s telephone regulators have called for harmonised rules governing VoIP usage throughout the 27 member nations. VoIP call providers have in the past claimed that they are Internet services, not telecom operators, and thus not obliged to offer services like emergency calls. EU national regulators have said they have to co-operate on Internet calls as these do not follow national ...

October 22, 2007

Truphone improves global Wi-Fi access via Quiconnect

by Jan Harris
Truphone is licensing technology from Quiconnect, which will automatically log on Truphone customers to global Wi-Fi hotspots and networks, without requiring passwords, accounts or subscriptions with local operators. The agreement will significantly broaden international public Wi-Fi access for Truphone customers, and will complement Truphone's existing public Wi-Fi access. Truphone users will be able to log in at thousands of public Wi-Fi ...

October 21, 2007

UN agency approves WiMAX as wireless standard

by Lin Freestone
The United Nations telecommunications agency in Geneva has given its approval to the broadband technology WiMax as a global third-generation communications standard. The agreement was reached in a meeting of the International Telecommunication Union on 19 October, after the negotiators overcame the objections of a number of countries to the inclusion of WiMax in the IMT-2000 standard for advanced mobile ...

October 20, 2007

Vonage sued by AT&T for patent infringement

by Lin Freestone
AT&T filed a lawsuit on 19 October 2007 against VoIP provider Vonage Holdings, seeking damages for alleged patent infringement, just days after Vonage settled a patent infringement lawsuit with telecom provider Sprint Nextel Corp. AT&T alleges that Vonage wilfully infringed an AT&T patent related to telephone systems that allow people to make VoIP calls using standard telephone devices. In the legal ...

October 19, 2007

Imminent release of 3 Mobile’s Skype phone

by Jan Harris
Skype and 3 Mobile hope to release their Skype mobile later this month in Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, and Australia. The phone, which is code-named 'white phone', will be rolled out to other markets at a later date. The collaboration between VoIP company, Skype, and UK-based wireless carrier, 3 Mobile, will make Skype completely mobile for the first time. The ...

October 18, 2007

New Nokia distribution channel for Vyke’s VoIP service

by Lin Freestone
Nokia Corporation has signed a global agreement to distribute the VoIP service of Vyke AS, Mobile IP. Under the terms of the agreement, Vyke has licensed Nokia to distribute the mobile handset software component of the Vyke Mobile IP service. New users acquired by way of the Nokia on-device content portal, Download!, will automatically be directed to Vyke's end-user communications ...

Lindy launches mouse with built-in VoIP phone

by Jan Harris
LINDY Electronics, of Stockton-on-Tees, has released a USB Optical Mouse with Built-in VoIP Phone. With an integrated speaker and a headset for hands free use, the mouse remains fully functional when a phone call is taking place. A ringtone alerts the user of an incoming call. The phone's keypad and LCD display are hidden away inside the mouse - it flips ...

BT launches unified communications solutions

by Jan Harris
Communications provider, BT, has launched new unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions and services, designed to help realise the full potential of its 21st Century Network. The group's 21st Century Network is the world's first national end-to-end IP-based network. It will enable efficient delivery of the next generation of converged services. BT's new UCC products are designed to help enterprise ...