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Wednesday 23rd of December 2009

Trial download of NoiseFree VoIP

by Lin Freestone
October 23, 2007

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Noise Free Wireless, a leading US provider of next generation software for the enhancement of voice-based communications, has made available for trial its new NoiseFree VoIP, Beta product version.

VoIP users wishing to try the Beta product version can go to the Noise Free website: http://www.noise-free-wireless.com/ and download a copy of the software.

NoiseFree VoIP offers a unique, patent-pending software solution that effectively cancels distracting and call disabling background noise regardless of the environment. It enhances voice quality so callers experience the quality of service they would get on a landline.

The product eliminates traffic sounds, street noise and sirens, loud crowds or machinery noise. NoiseFree VoIP uses patented technology to deliver, receive and transmit signal-to-noise ratio enhancement in excess of 15dB. This ensures that callers can be heard clearly, regardless of background noise environments.

The software installs easily and, when used at both ends of a call, completely removes the challenges presented by uncontrollable environmental noise. In addition, NoiseFree VoIP can reduce the packet load on a network, mitigating instances of voice distortion due to impacted network nodes. By doing this, it enhances overall bandwidth availability.

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