Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
December 21, 2007

3 launches Skypephone in Sweden, Denmark and Austria

by Jan Harris
Mobile operator 3 is launching its Skypephone in Sweden, Denmark and Austria. The company has already introduced the phone in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong and Italy. The 3 Skypephone is a 3G device Internet phone which provides free Skype-to-Skype calls to anywhere in the world. Conventional calls can also be made with the handset. The phone allows users ...

December 20, 2007

Ipcortex increases support for Polycom IP handsets

by Jan Harris
ipcortex Ltd of Milton Keynes has upgraded its VoIPCortex IP-PBX platform to provide increased support for the Polycom range of SIP handsets. This will give users and resellers of ipcortex products greater choice and simplicity. The handsets, which are quick to configure, are from more than 6 different vendors, including including Aastra, snom and Linksys, helping to ensure compatibility. The ...

December 19, 2007

Avaya announces VoIP innovations for UK SMEs

by Jan Harris
Telecommunications company, Avaya Inc, is introducing new services which could bring enhanced communication capabilities to UK businesses. Avaya has enabled its one-X Mobile client software to work with Apple's iPhone. The software will allow the iPhone to be integrated into most enterprise IP telecoms networks. Avaya's downloadable interface coverts the iPhone and other mobile devices from companies such as ...

December 18, 2007

Spirit IMS-ready PC VoIP software selected by Huawei

by Lin Freestone
Huawei Technologies, China's largest provider of Next Generation Telecoms networks, is one of the fastest growing suppliers of mainstream NGN solutions, serving 31 of the world's top 50 operators. Huawei has licensed Spirit's TeamSpirit 3.0 Voice Engine PC to offer the highest quality PC VoIP solution to its operator and service provider customers. Products and solutions of Huawei are deployed in over ...

Proposed emergency call rules resisted by European lobby group

by Lin Freestone
‘Voice on the Net Coalition Europe’ is a new lobby group which has been set up to try to influence the regulation of the Internet in Europe. Launched on 14 December, the group includes large suppliers like Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Skype. VON Coalition Europe has stated that it will work to educate, inform, and promote responsible government policies that enable ...

December 13, 2007

Jaxtr signs up 5 million VoIP users

by Jan Harris
VoIP start-up, Jaxtr, has increased its number of registered users from 500,000 to 5 million since July. The company claims it is the fastest growing internet communications service in history, beating Skype, Hotmail, and ICQ. Jaxtr is hiring Taneli Otala as its vice president of engineering, in order to keep pace with the services phenomenal growth. Mr Otala led the ...

December 12, 2007

New managed service for Nortel’s IP PBX from Verizon

by Lin Freestone
Verizon Business, which already offers a managed service for Cisco Systems' IP PBX products, has added Nortel's Communication Server 1000 IP-PBX, Business Communications Manager branch-office IP PBX and CallPilot voice mail platform to its portfolio of managed services. The new Nortel IP PBX managed service will include the full life cycle of on-premises equipment management, from implementation and deployment through ...

Truphone enables free calls for Facebook users

by Jan Harris
Truphone has announced a softphone application for social networking site Facebook, which allows Facebook users and their friends to call each other free of charge. The Truphone 'Call Me' application can be used by all Facebook members without the need for a Truphone account or special phone. It features a moveable button which can be placed within Facebook messages, on ...

December 11, 2007

Ofcom’s VoIP 999 ruling supported by ITSPA

by Jan Harris
Ofcom’s recent ruling that VoIP services will have to allow emergency calls, has secured support from the Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association (ITSPA). From 8th September 2008, all Type 2 and Type 4 VoIP services - those which allow users to make calls to normal national phone numbers - will have to provide 999/112 services. According to ITSPA's Chair, Eli Katz, ...

December 10, 2007

BT brings free VoIP calls to NHS Trusts

by Jan Harris
BT is offering NHS trusts in London, free connections to the N3 Local Gateway Service, as part of a pilot project in the capital. The N3 broadband infrastructure is part of the £12.4bn modernisation of IT in the NHS, and will allow the organisation to benefit from a range of new services, including electronic prescriptions and a Picture Archiving and Communications ...

December 8, 2007

Critical hole in Skype VoIP client remedied

by Lin Freestone
It has been announced that Skype has remedied a critical security hole in version 3.6 of its VoIP software for Windows, released in mid November 2007. When a specially crafted website is visited, attackers are able to inject malicious code onto a PC and execute it with the user's privileges. It would then be possible to infect the computer with ...

Growing demand for VoIP in Canada

by Lin Freestone
It is estimated that one out of every 12 people in Canada is currently enjoying the benefits of VoIP. This increasing trend has been reported in a recent survey conducted by VoIPGizmos.ca, and other VoIP providers in Canada. The demand for VoIP in Canada has not only been overwhelming for service providers, but for gadget providers as well. The number ...

December 7, 2007

Vyke and The Cloud Collaborate on mobile VoIP

by Jan Harris
Vyke Communications has launched a full commercial mobile VoIP service from any of The Cloud's 9,500 hotspots and metropolitan area networks. Anyone within one of The Cloud's hotspots will be able to access Vyke's mobile VoIP service for free, just by connecting to Vyke from their mobile phone in the normal way. No separate account with The Cloud is required. ...

December 6, 2007

VoIP services must allow 999 calls from September

by Jan Harris
Ofcom is to introduce new regulations on 8 September 2008 making it mandatory for VoIP services to allow 999 calls. The regulator decided to introduce the ruling after research highlighted that VoIP users were unaware that 999 calls might not be available on VoIP services. The study showed that 78 percent of people using a VoIP service which did not ...

Cisco tackles security threat

by Lin Freestone
Cisco is trying to tackle a security threat in its VoIP phones that allow hackers to eavesdrop on conversations. The threat was discovered by a researcher working for Telindus, and allows hackers to remotely eavesdrop on Cisco Unified IP phones. Cisco Systems has confirmed that it is possible to eavesdrop on remote conversations using Cisco VoIP phones. The company has stated that ...

December 5, 2007

Nokia Siemens Networks launches VoIP communications key

by Jan Harris
Nokia Siemens Networks is demonstrating its 'Communication Key' at the Nokia World event in Amsterdam, December 4-5 2007. The Communication Key is a USB device with integrated SIM authentication which provides VoIP communications from any PC connected to the Internet. As well as voice calls, it allows users to share videos, or send instant messages and other rich media communications ...

December 4, 2007

Freedom VoIP System Deployed By West Brom

by Jan Harris
West Bromwich Albion Football club has installed an IP telephony system in order to benefit from lower call and maintenance costs. Employees will now be able to call internally, and between the club's two sites, for free. The Alcatel-Lucent VoIP system was installed by voice and data integrator, Freedom. The flexible system can be scaled up when large numbers of calls ...

December 1, 2007

Eircom developing Ireland’s largest VoIP network

by Lin Freestone
Eircom is planning to launch Ireland’s largest and most advanced VoIP network by March 2008. Working on behalf of AIB to develop its next-generation integrated data and voice network, 5,000 Cisco IP phones will be used across the company’s IP telephony IT infrastructure as part of the ‘One Network IP Telephony Project’. One Network is an excellent example of innovation in ...