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Thursday 04th of February 2010

Vyke and The Cloud Collaborate on mobile VoIP

by Jan Harris
December 7, 2007

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Vyke Communications has launched a full commercial mobile VoIP service from any of The Cloud’s 9,500 hotspots and metropolitan area networks.

Anyone within one of The Cloud’s hotspots will be able to access Vyke’s mobile VoIP service for free, just by connecting to Vyke from their mobile phone in the normal way. No separate account with The Cloud is required.

Vyke plans to support the launch with a mass marketing programme, focussing on central London to start with. Around 200 black cabs will advertise the Vyke logo and message.

The launch represents the first time that Vyke has provided such large scale, free access to its services, from such a widespread geographical area.

This move is expected to strengthen Vyke’s market position, and will also allow The Cloud to expand its brand, while providing an added value service to its clients.

Vyke Communications has its headquarters in the UK, and has offices in Norway, the US, Iceland and Malaysia.

Calls via Vyke can cost up to 95 percent less than typical mobile calls.

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