Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
April 30, 2008

Newport announces call routing technology

by Jan Harris
Newport Networks has announced its new Call Routing Engine (CRE), bringing significant benefits to operators and Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs). The powerful CRE enables operators and ITSPs to peer with other operators for wholesale call termination and origination. It also allows service providers to deliver SIP trunking services to Enterprises. The new solution combines the company's Session Border Controller ...

April 28, 2008

Skype releases mobile beta

by Jan Harris
Skype has released a beta version of its Skype VoIP service, for Java-enabled mobile phones. The software will be available on around 50 mobile phone models from a number of manufacturers, including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. Mobile phone users will be able to receive calls from other Skype users, while customers who buy 'SkypeIn' will be able to ...

April 25, 2008

Free VoIP for FSB members

by Lin Freestone
The largest business network in the UK, the Federation of Small Businesses, has launched a new initiative with internet telephony specialist Coms Plc. All 210,000 members of the federation can be provided with a business class VoIP telephone service free of charge, via the Redstone company, FSB Telecom. Under the terms of the deal, FSB members will receive a VoIP telecoms ...

Spirit’s VoIP conferencing solution selected by Plustek

by Lin Freestone
Plustek, a Taiwanese manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, has licensed Spirit DSP’s TeamSpirit 3.0 Conferencing Engine as the core for its corporate conferencing system Plus@com PC20. The Plus@com PC2000 combines instant interactive communication functions with live video. It delivers whole corporate coverage with the flexibility and reliability to support multifunction applications. The corporate conferencing system includes instant messaging, real-time audio-and-video meetings, call transfer, ...

April 24, 2008

Switch secures supply agreement with OGC

by Jan Harris
London-based business telecommunications solution provider, Switch Communications, has won a key Catalist Framework contract with the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), to supply its VoIP and WAN solutions to the public sector. Switch will now be officially authorised to supply its products to educational establishments, the health service and government organisations. While Switch already supplies over 300 public sector organisations ...

April 23, 2008

ICU Global updates video conferencing service

by Jan Harris
London-based ICU Global, a unified communications specialist, has updated ICU Live!, making it easier for organisations to upgrade from voice to video conferencing without worrying about cost. ICU Live! eliminates the need to buy expensive video-conferencing equipment - users simply log-in online via a standard internet connection and use the service with any webcam and headset - and the service ...

Mobile VoIP phone planned by J-Com

by Lin Freestone
Japan Communications Inc, the Japanese wireless data communications provider, is planning to launch Internet mobile phones, and they could be available by July 2008. It is believed that the phones will be offered with a fixed monthly rate and that VoIP calls and data traffic would be unlimited. The company was founded as a mobile telecommunications service provider for enterprises in Tokyo ...

April 21, 2008

South Yorkshire Police adopt VoIP

by Jan Harris
South Yorkshire Police force has replaced its legacy PABX system with a new internet telephony system. A Siemens SIP-Based Unified Communications softswitch, hosted at two sites in Sheffield, will converge voice and data network applications to a total of 5,500 users at 90 sites in South Yorkshire. The system is designed to be scalable for up to 100,000 users. The new ...

April 19, 2008

Internet at full capacity by 2010 warning from AT&T

by Lin Freestone
AT&T, the US telecommunications conglomerate, has claimed that, without investment, the Internet's current network architecture will reach the limits of its capacity by 2010. A warning that the current systems that constitute the Internet will not be able to cope with the increasing amounts of video and user-generated content being uploaded has been made by Jim Cicconi, vice president ...

April 18, 2008

Voicenet brings VoIP to Empire Cinemas

by Jan Harris
Hosted VoIP provider, Voicenet Solutions, has secured a contract to deploy a hosted VoIP solution for the Empire Cinema chain. Voicenet's all in one VoIP package, VNcomplete, will be implemented in Empire's 17 cinemas across the UK. VNcomplete is a fully hosted solution with built-in Quality of Service. It is supported by Cisco hardware. It will be used to answer ...

Thomson’s Cirpack softswitch certification for snom’s VoIP phones

by Lin Freestone
snom technology, a German manufacturer of VoIP telephones, is integrating its SIP-based phone portfolio with Thomson’s Cirpack voice switching platforms and IP Centrex server. Thomson’s Lab has tested and evaluated snom’s 3xx series VoIP phones and given them full certification for use with Thomson’s Cirpack softswitches. The integration will enable service providers to accelerate the delivery of Class 5 ...

April 17, 2008

Truphone raises funds for global SIM card

by Jan Harris
Mobile Internet Network Operator (MINO), Truphone, has raised £16.5m in a new round of venture capital funding. The investment will allow Truphone to continue with the development of a single, global SIM card, which will provide low call charges at home and abroad, together with free and low-cost internet calls. Truphone recently acquired SIM4travel, completing its GSM core network, which ...

April 16, 2008

Magnet Business launches voice and internet service

by Jan Harris
Dublin-based Magnet Business, which provides broadband connectivity and internet services to customers in Ireland, has launched a new suite of applications for SMEs. The new offering builds on Magnet's existing broadband service, allowing customers to run voice and internet traffic over a single broadband link, with a 20% reduction in telephony costs. The new suite includes a next generation phone ...

April 15, 2008

VoIP requires good management

by Jan Harris
Aberdeen Group has published a new report, 'Benchmarking VoIP Performance Management', which claims that VoIP services are only effective if they are well managed. According to Aberdeen Group's research, well-managed VoIP services can provide 93 per cent better quality than poorly-managed services, and are four times more likely to experience a reduction in call failure rates. In order to manage VoIP ...

April 14, 2008

Gradwell demos integrated OCS platform

by Jan Harris
Gradwell Dot Com Limited, which specialises in providing flexible internet solutions which are independent of an Internet provider, has announced a VoIP demo of an integrated Microsoft OCS 2008 platform. Microsoft's Office Communication Server 2008 provides Unified Messaging and Voice Communications. It enables the integration of telephony with existing Exchange, Outlook and MS CRM environments. However, it does not easily ...

April 11, 2008

Truphone boosts GSM service with SIM4travel

by Jan Harris
Truphone, which is developing Voice-over-IP and SMS-over-IP services, has acquired the assets of SIM4travel, which provides global roaming SIM cards for international travellers. London-based Truphone is purchasing SIM4travel’s travel SIM capability and its Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) platform. These assets will be integrated into Truphone’s own portfolio over the next few months. Trufone also acquires SIM4travel’s infrastructure, customer base, ...

April 10, 2008

8el launches on demand call recording

by Jan Harris
8el has launched 'On demand call recording' on CallPort, its business VoIP platform. This new feature is designed to make it easier to activate and manage call recording, than was possible with ISDN call recording, even for remote workers. CallPort was developed in response to demand from consumers and businesses for a call recording system that is intuitive to use. ...

April 9, 2008

Sipgate announces £59 mobile VoIP phone

by Jan Harris
VoIP-Provider, Sipgate, has made an affordable mobile VoIP phone available to the UK market, marking the company's entry into fixed-mobile convergence. The Pirelli DP-L10 GSM/Wifi phone is available to anyone from Sipgate's online shop for just £59. The offer is not restricted to Sipgate's VoIP customers. The phone features a free SIM-lock, which means it can be used by customers ...

April 8, 2008

Vyke announces 226% increase in customers

by Jan Harris
VoIP company, Vyke Communications Plc London, recorded a 34% increase in paid Vyke IP based customer accounts to 1,742,508 in Q1 2008, from 1,302,828 at the end of Q4 2007 - an increase of 226% compared with Q1 2007. During Q1, the number of weekly call minutes increased from 4.15m to 8.5m, and the total number of calls placed with ...

8el launches Callport VOIP for businesses

by Jan Harris
8el has announced the commercial launch of Callport in the UK, a VoIP service designed to give businesses the flexibility of VoIP combined with the reliability of traditional phone services. Callport allows users to outsource the management of their voice services while retaining control over how the services are configured. Users also gain cost savings through free and low cost ...