Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
May 28, 2008

Telanetix in key VoIP deal

by Jan Harris
Telanetix Inc, which provides IP solutions to small and medium size businesses, has entered into an agreement with the largest sales lead capture provider in the US. Telanetix will provide VoIP to its new customer's contact centre, in a $4,000,000 deal. The contract highlights the benefits that VoIP can bring to the rapidly expanding Sales Lead Information Management Industry. Telanetix's AccessLine provides ...

Truphone Anywhere provides VoIP calls over GSM

by Jan Harris
The newly-launched version 4.0 of the Truphone client includes 'Truphone Anywhere', which enables internet calls over a standard GSM network. As GSM is the most popular standard for mobile phones in the world, the 'Truphone Anywhere' service is aptly named. When a mobile phone user makes a call outside of Wi-Fi coverage, Truphone Anywhere routes the call onto the GSM mobile ...

May 22, 2008

Tesco in mobile VoIP deal with Freshtel

by Jan Harris
Tesco is trialing a mobile VoIP service in partnership with Freshtel, an Australian internet phone provider. A new telephone number is issued with most mobile VoIP services, but Tesco's service will allow VoIP calls to be made from the existing mobile number. Calls to other Tesco customers will be free. Users of Nokia's N95, N81, E65 and E51 handsets can download ...

Snom Technology, first OCS telephone

by Grant Draper
The first open standard office communication SIP (OCS) telephone, called snom OCS edition, will be revealed, by Snom Technology AG at CeBIT Australia, Sydney, 20-22 May 2008. VPN use on open standard basis, and SIP open standard support, allows all users to incorporate their snom VoIP phones with Microsoft Unified Communications technologies, and related features. The large display area, with high resolution, ...

May 21, 2008

Newport Networks highlights VoIP security

by Jan Harris
With VoIP telephony services becoming increasingly popular, Newport Networks has issued a timely reminder of the need to be mindful of security issues with the technology. The company, which makes VoIP equipment, has identified a small but growing problem with hackers eavesdropping on VoIP calls, and stealing encoded user names and passwords, which they can then easily decode and sell. ...

GLDS and SinglePipe flow-through billing

by Alan Harten
At the NCTA's The Cable Show, SinglePipe Communications and Great Lakes Data Systems, Inc, aka, GLDS, announced the integration of flow-through billing and provisioning for both commercial and residential VoIP services. The new integrated solution has already been deployed for CMA Communications in Dallas. Integration with the GLDS gateway (SPG) allows operators to control SinglePipe Digital Voice services directly from ...

May 19, 2008

VOIspeed launches new telephony packages

by Jan Harris
VOIspeed Ltd, the telecoms technology developer, launched three new telephony packages at its first UK reseller event, Connections Day, as part of its strategy to grow revenue in the UK SME market. The Pronto Lite, Pronto Pro and Pronto Plus packages are designed to benefit both end users and resellers, providing easy to implement solutions at an attractive cost for customers. ...

May 15, 2008

Newport Networks Face Service Quality Challenges

by Rohan Parker
Newport Networks spoke out today about the biggest challenge to face the session border controller manufacturer, quality of service management. The news comes from SofNet, which is a networking software event, at which delegates from the telecommunications industry were polled. Quality of service for VoIP calls was higher on the list of challenges than either security or billing issues. Those ...

May 14, 2008

Nimbuzz launches in UK

by Jan Harris
Nimbuzz is launching a new service in the UK today, which is says is like Skype, but for a mobile rather than a PC. The Nimbuzz application is a free download which provides free mobile calls between other Nimbuzz users and users of Google Talk, MSN, other IM communities and social networking sites such as MySpace. As well as free ...

May 13, 2008

VoIP becoming key business tool

by Jan Harris
The Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association (ITSPA) believes that VoIP is becoming the next big communications solution. VoIP communications technology is rapidly increasing in popularity, both with consumers and businesses. According to a new report from market researcher, iLocus, almost a quarter of mobile virtual network operators already offer VoIP, or are currently trialing a VoIP service. The report - ...

May 12, 2008

Snom To Work With CIRPACK Switching Platforms

by Rohan Parker
VoIP developer and manufacturer, snom, have been given the go ahead to integrate their SIP-based phones with Thompson's CIRPACK switching system. The past few months have seen extensive testing performed on snom's 3xx VoIP phones, and now the results are in and the phones are fully certified as being compatible by Thompson's Lab. This means the super-fast delivery of Class ...

World’s First Rich Communication Software Released

by Rohan Parker
Cicero Networks have announced the release of a new client for converged rich communication between the Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile devices. This is the first client in the world that fully integrates mobile voice, presence, messaging and video together. The designers at Cicero have intended the client to be highly user-friendly and to build upon wireless, IP-based, and next-gen ...

May 9, 2008

New VoIP Tool Cuts ISP Call Center Queues

by Rohan Parker
A new VoIP diagnostic tool from Epitiro, called VocaLite, will give users the chance to accurately pinpoint and process faults before they even get on the phone with their ISP. The new system works by allowing the user, or a service provider's contact center staff, to run a web based applet of VocaLite, which then relays test results back to ...

Slow growth in VoIP take up in Australia

by Lin Freestone
A new report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority has revealed that half of the people who own a 3G phone do not use the 3G services - which include mobile internet, video calling and music streaming. The reasons given were that they have no interest in them, or that the costs are too high, or they do not know ...

911 emergency call access alert in Canada

by Lin Freestone
Canadians are being warned by the country’s emergency services how important it is for consumers to research how to access 911 with VoIP phones. The alert follows the death of a toddler in Calgary after an emergency 911 call was made over a VoIP phone and the ambulance was dispatched to the caller’s former address, the last address the internet phone ...

May 8, 2008

Zycko gains Force10 Networks, loses Polycom

by Jan Harris
Zycko, a distributor of convergent IT solutions, gained a new partnership with Force10 Networks at the end of April, but has now been dropped as Polycom's UK VoIP product distributor. Since terminating its relationship with Zycko, Polycom has appointed Vcomm as its sole distributor in the UK for products such as its Microsoft Office communication server-compatible CX range of handsets. However, ...

May 6, 2008

NetMotion Wireless updates Mobility XE

by Jan Harris
NetMotion Wireless has released version 8.0 of Mobility XE, its mobile virtual private network (VPN) software, allowing it to be used by enterprises for the deployment of streaming video and VoIP. Mobility XE, which was designed for Windows smartphones, provides mobile workers with secure connections to applications via laptops and mobile devices, even when travelling in areas with no wireless coverage ...

May 2, 2008

AIM calls from TringMe

by Lin Freestone
A provider of a web-based telephony platform, TringMe, has enabled millions of AOL Instant Messenger call-out users to make calls directly. By using TringPhone, TringMe’s fully web-based SIP phone, AOL/AIM users can make calls directly from the browser. VoIP calls can also be made from mobiles by using a mobile device. AOL/AIM users can use any of TringMe’s supported originating devices to ...

May 1, 2008

IVONA Telecom TTS supports MRCP Protocol

by Lin Freestone
IVO Software has launched a new version of its Text-To-Speech system which supports the international Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) used in the biggest telecommunication systems. Media Resource Control Protocol is a communication protocol which allows the provision of voice services in the client/server architecture. MRCP has been incorporated into IVO’s new version, IVONA Telecom TTS, and has become one of the ...

Yahoo Messenger outsources VoIP calls to Jajah

by Lin Freestone
Yahoo has announced that its Yahoo Messenger VoIP calls are to be outsourced to Jajah. Under the terms of the agreement, the "Phone In" and "Phone Out" service will enable consumers to make low-cost PC-to-phone and phone-to-PC voice calls over the Jajah network to more than 200 countries using Yahoo Messenger. Details of the deal between the two companies have not ...