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Friday 16th of May 2008

IVONA Telecom TTS supports MRCP Protocol

by Lin Freestone
May 1, 2008

IVO Software has launched a new version of its Text-To-Speech system which supports the international Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) used in the biggest telecommunication systems.

Media Resource Control Protocol is a communication protocol which allows the provision of voice services in the client/server architecture.

MRCP has been incorporated into IVO’s new version, IVONA Telecom TTS, and has become one of the few systems of this type that may be easily implemented in the largest call/contact centre solutions.

A professional-sounding, radio-like voice reads out information prepared for a particular customer.

It can handle hundreds or thousands of calls at the same time, which until recently required large telephone support departments.

The system is used in the banking and energy sectors, telecommunications companies and many others.

Some companies have delayed the implementation of IVONA TTS until it supported MRCP.

IVONA Telecom TTS is available with an American voice, a Romanian voice, and two Polish voices.

IVO is planning to introduce new English voices, one with a British accent and one with an American accent, and a German voice.

The speech generation technology developed by IVO Software has won several awards and accolades, including recognition of the closeness of its system to the sound of a natural voice.

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