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Wednesday 09th of September 2009

Newport Networks Face Service Quality Challenges

by Rohan Parker
May 15, 2008

Newport Networks spoke out today about the biggest challenge to face the session border controller manufacturer, quality of service management.

The news comes from SofNet, which is a networking software event, at which delegates from the telecommunications industry were polled.

Quality of service for VoIP calls was higher on the list of challenges than either security or billing issues.

Those within the industry fear that the rates of those transitioning to VoIP services may slow dramatically if quality and security issues are not dealt with soon.

When delegates were polled on security, 60% felt that VoIP calls where ‘reasonably secure, 10% felt that it was ’secure’ and 30% felt that VoIP calls were ‘insecure’.

Most SIP based VoIP calls are not yet encrypted, which makes the figures listed suggest full understanding of the service is not wide spread.

The security of VoIP was further polled with the question of who should be responsible for it.

60% of delegates believed that it should be service providers alone, who are responsible, 35% believed it should be both service provider and subscriber who are responsible, and just 5% believed it should be the subscriber alone who is responsible for security.

The poll also asked the question, of what the largest threat was to enticing new subscribers.

Quality of service was listed by 43%, 28% listed identity theft, 20% stated it was lack of interconnection between services, and 9% listed denial of service attacks as the largest threat.

When polled on billing, 65% of delegates believed that two-tier VoIP billing would become more prevalent, with the difference coming down to quality and price.

35% of delegates also agreed that, as the knowledge of risks faced increases, subscribers will agree to pay more for a secure service.

VP of Product Marketing at Newport Networks, Dave Gladwin, spoke about the need for service providers to take note of the message sent by the results of the poll.

He went on to say that, in order to promote continued growth in the sector, service providers need to raise the quality of service as this was consistently noted as a priority.

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