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Tuesday 31st of March 2009

Skype Lite launched for Android

by David Masters
January 13, 2009

VoIP giant Skype has launched a lite version of its software to run on Google’s mobile operating system, Android, and other Java-enabled mobile phones.

The software enables Android users to make Skype calls over standard voice channels.

The call is then converted to VoIP, allowing users to make international calls at local call rates.

Because it works on standard voice networks, Skype Lite does not require a Wi-Fi connection, or even 3G. It works wherever a handset has enough signal to operate.

Skype Lite functions include:
Skype-to-Skype calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world;
Instant messaging to Skype contacts;
Receiving calls to your Skype online personal phone number;
Seeing when Skype contacts are online.

Skype COO Scott Durchslag said making Skype mobile is a ‘major step forward’ for the company.

Tech bloggers are now speculating that Skype is working on similar software for Apple’s iPhone.

Skype Lite is available on handsets running the Android OS, as well as over 100 other Java-enabled mobile phones.

Skype Lite users can make low-cost international calls to ten countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Brazil (Rio and Sao Paolo), Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Australia and New Zealand.

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