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Friday 13th of November 2009

Psytechnics Adds 1Million IP Telephony Business Users

by Alan Harten
January 22, 2009

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Psytechnics has announced that a million new business-class IP telephony users installed its flagship product Experience Manger in 2008.

Experience Manager is a product which is installed on hardware that runs the Linux operating system.

Its purpose is to improve the quality of calls that are made through IP-based (Or Internet) telephone calls.

The rapid expansion of use of Experience Manager is largely due to Psychtechnics success in winning numerous contracts and deployments across the UK and in the Netherlands.

Representatives from Psychtechnics say this performance by the company underlines the fact that many businesses are unhappy with the quality of the calls they’re receiving from most IP telephony services and products.

Further, they continue, most VoIP tools have not adequately solved these problems.

Kelly Westerfield, who serves as a director of network delivery for IBM Network Services, says that IP call issues quickly become critical, since customers who call on these lines report dissatisfaction with the calls — and they tend to associate the company itself with these poor-quality phone calls.

That’s why, he said, they began a relationship with Psychtechnics.

“The company allows us to recognize poor call quality in real time. Their product then helps us to know what’s causing this problem and where the problem is located.”

Meanwhile, across the ocean, United States-based CA’s Technology Partner Program has announced it will be integrating Psytechnics’ Experience Manager with its own eHealth Network Performance Manager.

CA is a global software company providing software products which simplify and unify IT management. (Read that story here)

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