Daily VoIP News Digest
Saturday 23rd of January 2010
July 31, 2009

VoIp on Palm Web OS

by Alan Harten
VOXOFON has announced the launch of a new mobile VoIP application, designed for use with the Palm Web OS platform, that officials of VOXOFON claim will increase the diversity and reach of international calls. Chief Executive Officer of VOXOFON, Alexey Goloshubin, stated that in the past the company has launched similar applications for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android Smartphones, making this another ...

July 28, 2009

Russia says no to Skype

by Alan Harten
The New York Times reported that the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Russia’s Parliament, which is responsible for lawmaking in Russia, have claimed that VoIP companies are creating too much competition for domestic mobile operators. The group's claim also includes the allegation that telcos are affected by the VoIP companies. In response, the business group and Parliament are lobbying ...

July 24, 2009

Timico say EFM will launch early

by Alan Harten
Timico announced today that its Ethernet in the First Mile access service will be available to the public earlier than planned. EFM is able to increase bandwidth by pairing multiple coppers that connect to an end user’s premises so that the overall bandwidth increases by 10Mbps. The new product offers a great deal of reliability compared to normal connections, since ...

July 21, 2009

ShoreTel snuggles up to IBM

by Alan Harten
ShoreTel announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement with IBM that will allow the IP phone system provider to deliver unified communications to small businesses, along with other specially tailored perks. Included in the unified communications package is the ability to present one uniform phone number to IP phone receivers, regardless of which line a call is placed from, the ...

MailVision and AudioCode’s Israel joint project

by Alan Harten
MailVision mobile VoIP, and technology VoIP provider AudioCodes, have recently started work on a joint project that will create a VoIP mobile solution for Cellcom, the largest mobile phone operator in Israel. The resulting solution, nicknamed Cellcom Link, will let Cellcom Israel’s current mobile subscribers make VoIP mobile calls and text messages using a Wifi connection for a lower price. The solution ...

July 20, 2009

Google wants its VoIP Voice heard

by Alan Harten
Google entered the internet phone market on July 15th with the introduction of a Google Voice application for Blackberrys and mobiles that are powered with Google Android. This is expected to reduce the sales of other popular VOIP services including eBay’s Skype and business solutions from Cisco and Microsoft. Google Voice started inviting customers to join a waiting list in late June, ...

July 17, 2009

Nimbuzz iphone update

by Jan Harris
Nimbuzz, which combines Instant Messaging, (geo) presence, and VoIP in a free application, has launched updates for the iPhone and iPod, as well as a new desktop client for Apple Mac computers. Since the first version of the Nimbuzz iPhone client was launched nine months ago, it has grown rapidly in popularity. Downloads of Nimbuzz iPhone and iPod touch apps have ...

July 16, 2009

Google Voice app launches for Android and Blackberry

by David Masters
Google is taking on Skype in a head-to-head battle with the launch of a beta Google Voice VoIP app for the Blackberry and Android operating systems. Handset owners can use the app to receive and dial VoIP and standard calls from their mobile device. Numbers can be dialled direct from the handset's phonebook because the app integrates with the phone, Google said. Google ...

July 13, 2009

ShoreTel offers lease-to-buy UC solutions

by David Masters
Unified Communications (UC) provider ShoreTel has partnered with technology finance broker Wyse to offer lease-to-buy UC installations. "These new recession-beating financing options enable ShoreTel partners to offer customers an opportunity to overcome short-term cash flow or budgetary concerns, and invest in cost-effective technology," ShoreTel said in a statement. The first finance plan offers 0% interest, and is repayable over eight or 12 ...