Daily VoIP News Digest
Tuesday 05th of January 2010
September 30, 2009

xG Technology promises mobile VoIP

by Jan Harris
VoIP technology is great at saving its users money, but it does have some disadvantages – you have to be connected to a computer to use it, and VoIP calls are blocked on some networks by cellular companies concerned that they are missing out on revenues. There is also an issue with quality, as cellular networks are not designed ...

September 29, 2009

Callforeign and TynTec in SMS deal

by Jan Harris
TynTec, which specialises in mobile messaging services has entered into a partnership with VoIP provider Callforeign. CallForeign will use TynTec to deliver SMS messages to mobile phones, sent either from the Internet or from a mobile application. The ability to send SMS messages internationally via the Internet promises significant cost savings for Callforeign’s customers, who will be able to log ...

September 28, 2009

Digitalk receives Internet Telephony Excellence award

by Jan Harris
Digitalk Prepaid Mobile, a prepaid mobile solution for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), has received a 2009 Internet Telephony Excellence Award from Internet Telephony magazine. The solution is available on the Digitalk Multiservice Platform. Justin Norris, CEO and co-founder of Digitalk said: “The Digitalk Prepaid Mobile solution was designed to address the saturated mobile market to allow MVNO to exploit niche opportunities ...

September 25, 2009

Manifone announces Mani-voip

by Jan Harris
Manifone has now announced Mani-voip, which extends its recently released Mani-Sky service to most VoIP services. Mani-Sky allows users to call Skype contact from a regular phone, but with Mani-voip, users benefit from the thousands of VoIP services available. The service assigns real local telephone numbers to voip destinations, making them reachable with a standard telephone. According to Manifone, while its ...

September 24, 2009

Skype welcomes calls for net neutrality

by Jan Harris
Jean-Jacques Sahel, Skype’s European Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs, has welcomed the call by the chairman of the USA’s Federal Communications Commission for action to be taken to preserve Internet neutrality. In the same statement, Sahel highlighted the position in Europe where Skype users face the possibility that operators will block VoIP traffic, or levy additional charges for VoIP, ...

September 19, 2009

XConnect gets $10 million cash injection

by Alan Harten
XConnect, a leader in secure and neutral next generation ENUM-registry services and interconnection, announced that it has now raised about $10 million in Series B funding. It was able to raise this amount with the aid of many different investors, which included Accel Partners of the UK, Crescent Point Group of Singapore, Venrock Associates of the US, and Grazia Equity of ...

Tpad makes Thus transfer easy

by Alan Harten
Tpad announced that it has created an option that will allow customers to transfer discontinued services for VoIP to another provider, following the news that business ISP THUS will not allow VoIP services on its lines anymore. THUS stated that its Pipecall VoIP service will be discontinued in the next 30 days because it had problems keeping the service standards reliable, ...

September 18, 2009

iNum offers HD VoIP

by Alan Harten
Voxbone, an international VoIP provider announced yesterday that its iNum international independent number service is now able to provide high-definition (HD) voice support with a uniform identifier so that phone calls can be made in HD. Now that it is possible to enable the endpoints to receive and support HD, any calls that are made to iNum numbers will have a ...

September 15, 2009

XConnect Raises $10m To Expand Interconnect 2.0

by Jan Harris
London-based XConnect has raised $10 million in Series B funding to support the further expansion of its “Interconnect 2.0” portfolio, which includes Carrier ENUM-registry and multimedia interconnection hub services. A consortium of investors participated in the fundraising, including Venrock Associates of the USA, UK-based Accel Partners, Grazia Equity of Germany and Singapore-based Crescent Point Group. XConnect’s Interconnect 2.0 offers the most ...

September 14, 2009

AT&T admits blocking 3G VoIP

by Alan Harten
AT&T has admitted to the Federal Communications Commission in the United States that it struck a deal so that mobile VoIP calling would not be permitted on the company’s 3G network. At the moment, however, AT&T is not the only guilty party, as none of the cellular carriers across the US allow VoIP calling over mobile networks. Cellular carriers have ...

ShoreTel users can make calls with Skype

by Alan Harten
Skype and ShoreTel Inc announced this week that would-be Skype users can now make voice calls using the ShoreTel UC system, due to a new interoperability between the beta version of Skype for SIP and ShoreTel’s UC system. The integration of the new systems marks ShoreTel as the first UC vendor that is compatible with the SIP version of Skype. ...

September 8, 2009

Virus allows listening in to VoIP calls

by Alan Harten
Those who are aware of spyware know that the viruses are capable of allowing hackers to spy on every movement or key typed while on their personal computers. In a twist to the equation, now both law enforcement officials and hackers have access to a new tool, a virus that can sit in on phone conversations online through VoIP ...

September 4, 2009

Voxbone uses Burning Man to showcase iNums

by David Masters
Voxbone is showcasing its iNum international phone numbers at the Burning Man conference this week in Nevada. Voxbone's international numbers (iNums) are prefixed with +833 and, unlike traditional telephone numbers, can be used anywhere in the world. iNums are compatible with a range of VoIP services, including Skype and GoogleTalk. Voxbone said it decided to showcase iNums at the Burning Man conference because ...

September 3, 2009

VoIP Logic snaps up Sundial Network

by Alan Harten
VoIP Logic announced yesterday at the ITEXPO that it was planning to buy up the VoIP engineering services from Sundial Network. There are no official details on what the terms or value of the new acquisition was, but it is known that former Sundial CEO Ardeshir Ghanbarzadeh will be the vice president of operations now for VoIP Logic. VoIP Logic ...

September 1, 2009

Geemarc launches hearing aid-compatible VoIP headset

by David Masters
New VoIP technology allows deaf and hard-of-hearing people to make free phone calls over the Internet. The hearing aid-compatible headset amplifies the sound of VoIP calls, enabling deaf people to make cheap and free phone calls over the Internet. The headset was developed by Geemarc with input from deaf and hard-of-hearing people. “Historically, deaf and hard of hearing people have struggled to use ...