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Friday 22nd of January 2010

XConnect announces trial of the first HD voice IP peering federation

by Jan Harris
January 20, 2010

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XConnect, the leader in next-generation interconnection and carrier ENUM-registry services, announced today a trial of the first IP peering federation specifically for service providers capable of offering high-definition voice services.

The trial, open to qualified operators, waives sign-up and monthly fees for its April-June duration.

Multiple providers using the G.722 wideband codec will be able to test the interoperability, scalable interconnection, reliability and support of XConnect federation services.

High-definition voice is being adopted increasingly by fixed, mobile and Web 2.0 telecom service providers, as it delivers a much richer audio experience than the PSTN makes possible.

Using wideband codecs, HD achieves a wider frequency range, providing almost the clarity of face-to-face conversation.

However, for HD to work across networks, the entire call path and endpoints themselves must support high definition. XConnect is responding to service providers’ need for a simple way to address the significant challenges of meeting this requirement.

“The mass-market adoption of high-definition voice and other new IP services demands trusted, scalable cross-network interconnection,” said XConnect CEO Eli Katz.

“Service providers are eager for a solution. We look forward to working with the industry to help bring the benefits of HD voice to these operators and the consumer and enterprise markets they serve.”

“Because voice is the most critical way that we communicate, the significantly improved sound quality of HD voice is an important step in making communication clearer and more effective,” said Jeff Rodman, Polycom co-founder and CTO.

“We’re pleased to support XConnect’s HD voice trial, and view it as an important step toward HD voice communication for everyone.”

Trial participants will form a private peering community under the Private Alliance feature of XConnect’s Global Alliance, which combines ENUM-registry and multimedia interconnection hub services.

Supporting multiple protocols and codecs, the Global Alliance enables new IP services, including HD voice, to be delivered across networks.

For more information and sign-up, please visit www.xconnect.net/hd-trial.

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