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Friday 12th of February 2010

Cloud Net launches VoIP handset bundles

by Jan Harris
February 8, 2010

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Cloud Net has launched its Cloud Net Connect Hosted VoIP service for small businesses, start ups and freelancers in the UK.

Cloud Net is the UK’s only VoIP provider that guarantees call quality by owning and managing its own network and also providing its own Internet Protocol telephone handsets (for free).

Cloud Net Connect allows customers to replace their traditional small business telephone systems without any capital expenditure on either PBX hardware or handsets, meaning that Cloud Net customers do not need to purchase new VoIP phones to benefit from cheaper and free call rates.

The company offers its “Switchboard in the Sky” online PBX system on a monthly contract basis making it a fraction of the price of a traditional hardware based switchboard which costs several thousand pounds to purchase with additional license fees on top.

Pricing packages start from as little as £8.50 per month for a standard IP handset.

Cloud Net’s small office phone system includes all the key business features of a modern PBX (switchboard) free with a fixed subscription per handset.

In addition, the “Switchboard in the Sky” is automatically upgraded without user intervention and there are no maintenance charges.

The company’s straight-forward pricing structure removes the complexity of purchasing and running a small business communications system over the internet. Cloud Net’s inclusive packages consist of:

· Quality internet phones – robust, feature rich phones
· Internet based switchboard ( PBX)
· Management portal - you can configure your system really simply online
· Free calls on Cloud Net’s network – great if you have offices in different locations or remote workers
· Geographic telephone numbers – no need for 0844 numbers or mobiles
· Voice mail
· Fax boxes
· Call redirect
· Call recording
· Ring back
· Conferencing
· Caller identification

Cloud Net’s hosted VoIP solution allows people to talk to each other across the network irrespective of where they are, for as long as they like, free.

Companies with multiple branches can suddenly conference, free. Home workers can operate as though they are in the office.

Using the follow me feature mobiles become part of the network and so you can even answer when travelling.

Calls outside the Cloud Net network are also competitively priced. Sample costs include: UK landline calls from 0.9p a minute and from 9p per minute to mobiles.

Cloud Net’s international calling rates are also highly competitive, e.g. 1.3p per minute to the US or 3.2p per minute to New Zealand.

Cloud Net handsets are fully configured to customers’ requirements before being despatched and allow customers to plug and play their new VoIP business telephone system straight into their broadband without the need for adaptors.

Watch Cloud Net’s video to see how simple it really is: http://www.cloudnetuk.com/blog/bid/27099/VoIP-Goes-Plug-and-Play.

As the “Switchboard in the Sky” is highly intuitive, users can change settings simply by using the online help videos, guidebook or by contacting the support desk.

Charles Chance, Managing Director of Cloud Net says, “We know that the success of Skype has brought a lot of attention to the possibilities of VoIP for business, so we wanted to go one step further and provide a full professional switchboard with VoIP handsets.

“We believe that we are the first company to allow customers to truly benefit from a plug and play business VoIP solution.

“We have also removed the headache of deciphering pricing plans with additional costs for features – our pricing is all inclusive for professional PBX features.”

David Hill, Chairman of Cloud Net added, “Cloud Net has built its own hosted UK VoIP telecoms network, ensuring that unlike many other hosted VoIP companies, who lease network space, the company is in full control of call quality*.

“Our customers are able to speak directly to the network owner, so reducing response times for support and sales queries.

“Although companies like Vonage and Skype already operate in the VoIP space, they don’t provide full business switchboard functionality, so we are bringing a small business phone system to the market, which addresses the needs of SMEs wanting to benefit from a professional switchboard without incurring high costs.”

The Cloud Net service has been piloted in the West Midlands since October 2009, and is already being successfully used by small businesses as diverse as start ups, private detectives, charities, sole traders and small consultancies.

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