Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
December 18, 2009

snom’s innovation honoured by ITSPA

by Jan Harris
snom technology AG, a developer and manufacturer of IP phones, has been awarded a Highly Commended accolade for most innovative VoIP product by The Internet Telephony Services Providers' Association (ITSPA) at the annual ITSPA Awards which showcase the best products in the VoIP and Unified Communications market. snom was awarded Highly Commended in the “Most Innovative VoIP Product” category for ...

December 4, 2009

Skype for SIP beta program expanded

by Jan Harris
Skpye is extending its Skype for SIP beta program so that businesses can use Skype for SIP with their existing SIP-based PBX or Unified Communications (UC) systems and save money on international calls. All a business needs to do is create and register a Skype Business Control Panel, then follow the instructions to configure Skype for SIP to work with ...

December 1, 2009

fring announces world’s first Video Calls on iPhone

by Jan Harris
fring has announced the first video over internet service on the iPhone and iPod touch. The news follows fring’s recent launch of the new version of its app which allows smartphone users to make video calls through Skype over 3G or Wifi. iPhone and iPod touch users can now make free voice calls to other fring users, Skype and GTalk users, ...

November 27, 2009

Google VoIP phone expected next year

by Jan Harris
Search giant Google purchased VoIP Specialist Gizmo5 earlier this month, and now rumour has it that the company plans to launch a VoIP-enabled smartphone in the US, early next year. The Google phone is expected to be faster than the Apple iPhone, courtesy of a powerful Qualcomm processor, and a large touchscreen and sleek design are on the cards. The ...

October 8, 2009

Openaire announces Clarity VoIP phones

by Jan Harris
Openaire Holdings Ltd launched its Clarity range of IP handsets and VoIP Access devices at the IP Expo exhibition at Earls Court, London. At the top of the range is the 4020G VoIP and integrated GSM trunk desk phone, the world’s first converged VoIP Desk Phone. The 4020G has an integrated quad band sim module, which means that mobile calls ...

October 5, 2009

Vonage VoIP available for iPhones and BlackBerrys

by Jan Harris
Vonage has released a VoIP app for iphones and BlackBerry smartphones in the US, allowing users to benefit from low-cost international calling over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The calls are routed through Vonage's network, but the app redirects international calls over cellular networks to a local access number, saving money. Wi-Fi can be used with the iPhone, but not with the ...

September 1, 2009

Geemarc launches hearing aid-compatible VoIP headset

by David Masters
New VoIP technology allows deaf and hard-of-hearing people to make free phone calls over the Internet. The hearing aid-compatible headset amplifies the sound of VoIP calls, enabling deaf people to make cheap and free phone calls over the Internet. The headset was developed by Geemarc with input from deaf and hard-of-hearing people. “Historically, deaf and hard of hearing people have struggled to use ...

July 31, 2009

VoIp on Palm Web OS

by Alan Harten
VOXOFON has announced the launch of a new mobile VoIP application, designed for use with the Palm Web OS platform, that officials of VOXOFON claim will increase the diversity and reach of international calls. Chief Executive Officer of VOXOFON, Alexey Goloshubin, stated that in the past the company has launched similar applications for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android Smartphones, making this another ...

June 9, 2009

ZipDX enables “crystal clear” VoIP conference calls

by David Masters
Snom users can now make “crystal clear” VoIP conference calls following a partnership deal with audio conferencing service ZipDX. Snom's klarVOICE handsets have been integrated with ZipDX to offer wideband audio conference calls, providing, according to snom, “the highest quality and clarity”. Michael Kneiling, of snom, said: “Wideband VoIP represents the next step in the evolution of IP telephony. “The combination of ZipDX’s ...

KT Networks smartphone uses GIPS HD VoIP

by David Masters
KT Networks' new smartphone is to include an HD VoIP service powered by Global IP Solutions (GIPS), it emerged this week. The Windows Mobile smartphone from the Korean telecoms provide was developed to address a rapid growth in consumer demand for high-end handsets. KT Networks said it chose GIPS to power the VoIP service on the smartphone because “GIPS was able to ...

June 3, 2009

Truphone 3.0 launched for iPod Touch

by David Masters
Mobile VoIP app Truphone 3.0 is now available to iPod Touch users, transforming their MP3 player into a Wi-Fi phone. Recently launched for the iPhone, Truphone 3.0 offers free Wi-Fi calls to other Truphone users, as well as to contacts who use Skype or GoogleTalk. The app also integrates with instant messaging (IM) services, including MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and AIM. Calls to ...

April 29, 2009

Aastra launches new SIP handsets

by David Masters
Canada-based Aastra has announced the launch of two new SIP phones: the 6730i and the 6731i. Both handsets feature call display, full duplex speakerphone, intercom, paging, auto answer, and XML browser capabilities. Aastra said the phones are ideal for use in both small and large businesses, and are designed to integrate and deploy easily with certified IP solutions providers. Aastra handsets are designed ...

April 22, 2009

Vopium launches iPhone app

by Jan Harris
Following the recent launch of its VoIP service in the UK, Vopium has announced the launch of an iPhone application. The new application will allow iPhone users to benefit from significant savings on international calls over Wi-Fi, as well as being able to send text messages (SMS) abroad for just GBP 0.09. International calls via Vopium are ...

March 20, 2009

Nimbuzz updated for iPhone VoIP-over-3G

by David Masters
Nimbuzz has updated its iPhone applcation to include VoIP-over-3G call functionality. Other new functions include support for Twitter and Skype-out. Skype-out enables users to make low-cost VoIP calls direct to landlines in over 50 countries. A new dial-up pad interface is included for Skype-out phone calls, with available credit displayed. In addition to Skype-out and Twitter, Nimbuzz continues to support messaging and voice calls ...

March 4, 2009

Snom And SmartShare Team Up

by Alan Harten
VoIP technology has taken a step forward with the pairing of award-winning phone handset manufacturer snom, with innovative WAN optimizer SmartShare, to bring to users a much higher quality signal and reliability, even when the internet is congested. Utilising SmartShare’s StraightShaper innovation, snom can now offer the cost savings of VoIP with the quality and reliability of landlines. And not only are ...

February 24, 2009

snom Flexor CTI for Dynamics CRM announced

by Jan Harris
Cambridge based Camrivox Ltd, a developer of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software, has joined with snom technology AG, which specialises in VoIP phones, to develop snom Flexor CTI for Dynamics CRM. The new software combines Dynamics CRM, a customer relationship management system, with snom IP telephony, providing a CTI-CRM solution designed to help businesses maximise their return on investment. snom Flexor ...

February 19, 2009

Truphone launches international roaming SIM

by David Masters
VoIP provider Truphone announced Tuesday plans to launch Truphone Local Anywhere, a low-cost single-SIM international mobile service. Any mobile calls made on the SIM in supported countries will be charged at local rates, with users saving up to 80% on roaming charges compared to traditional networks. The service - to be launched later this year - will feature full number portability for ...

February 18, 2009

Snom VoIP uses less power

by Jan Harris
According to a recent study, snom technology’s VoIP telephones are the most efficient in terms of power consumption. The study, by the Research Group for Telecommunication Networks at the Frankfurt am Main University of Applied Sciences, involved testing 23 VoIP telephones from major manufacturers. It looked at power consumption in idle mode, during conversations, idle mode after a conversation, during ...

January 29, 2009

VoIP handset with drag-and-drop touchscreen

by David Masters
German VoIP telephone maker, snom technology AG, will showcase the world's first touchscreen VoIP handset with drag-and-drop functionality at this year's CeBIT tradeshow, 3-8 March 2009. The snom 870 incorporates an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, the company said, enabling the user to easily connect calls and set up telephone conferences. Conference calls are created by simply dragging and dropping the button icons of ...

January 2, 2009

AltiGen launches MAX2000 VoIP phone

by Jan Harris
AltiGen Communications Inc has expanded its MAX1000 and MAX1000R platforms with the MAX2000 VoIP phone system. The MAX2000 is designed to bring the benefits of VoIP to small business, and supports up to 100 users. The upgraded system provides built-in hot swappable RAID-1 storage array and redundant hot swappable power supplies, giving extra protection against unplanned power outages. MAX2000 also offers ...