Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 23rd of December 2009
December 17, 2009

Wick Hill Appointed By Yealink As Distributor Of VoIP Telephony Hardware

by Jan Harris
Wick Hill has been appointed as a distributor of Yealink’s VoIP telephony hardware. Wick Hill has a long-established reputation as an award-winning value-added distributor of secure infrastructure solutions. This appointment is one of a number of new distributor relationships, with more to come, which are part of a further expansion by Wick Hill in the converged voice/data market. Wick Hill will ...

December 10, 2009

xG Technology Embraces Google Voice

by Jan Harris
xG® Technology, the developer of xMax®, an innovative, low-cost, mobile VoIP and data communications system, is excited to embrace Google Voice, the new voice communications management tool from Google. Google Voice is a telephone and messaging service designed to facilitate personal communications. Google Voice allows users to manage their communications channels, enabling unified communications through one single phone number. ...

November 18, 2009

fring available on Android handsets

by Jan Harris
fring is now available to Android users, allowing them to make free VoIP calls. The application is already available on Symbian S60, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Mobile, J2ME and Linux devices. Fring is a mobile internet community and communication service that lets users communicate and share web-based experiences from their mobile device. Android users will now be able to access ...

November 11, 2009

Vyke Mobile extended to Blackberry smartphones

by Jan Harris
Vyke.com has launched Vyke Mobile for Blackberry, which allows Blackberry smartphone users to save up to 98% on the cost of international calls. The service is available in the UK, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, and will be extended further. The application can be downloaded for free from www.vyke.com/getvyke. In a separate piece of news ...

November 9, 2009

NimbuzzOut offers international call savings

by Jan Harris
Mobile VoIP operator Nimbuzz has expanded its mobile application with the launch of NimbuzzOut which offers low-cost international calls direct from a mobile via VoIP, over 3G or Wi-Fi. Nimbuzz users can buy NimbuzzOut Credits at www.nimbuzzout.com to save up to 95% on the cost of a traditional international mobile call. Nimbuzz out is already available on Symbian, ...

August 5, 2009

Funambol will merge mobile contacts

by Alan Harten
Funambol announced today that it has a new service that will let mobile VoIP users merge contacts from a variety of end points, such as social networks, emails, and phone address directories, to make it easier for mobile VoIP users to make phone calls. According to Funambol, if mobile VoIP users have easy access to more contact information they ...

June 23, 2009

Help with VoIP over Wi-Fi for Blackberry

by Alan Harten
Agito Networks has recently reworked its mobile unified communications service to offer users VoIP over Wi-Fi on mobile Blackberry devices. Agito has been able to expand its RoamAnywhere Mobility Router to include the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and the Curve models of 8900, 8800, and 8300. However the Blackberry Storm models are not part of the list of compatible phones, as ...

June 17, 2009

5 offers embedded TV shows

by Alan Harten
Five recently announced that viewers who want to catch up on their favorite TV shows can view past episodes or can embed full episodes into their own personal websites, simply by using the Brigthcove video player. Later in the year Five will release its own syndicated player for TV shows, allowing anyone who owns a web page to have full access ...

April 14, 2009

College Tutors Turn To VoIP For Parent Contact

by Alan Harten
Colleges and schools in Great Britain are using new technology to make teachers available at all times to parents of their students, as well as to other staff. Educational establishments throughout the United Kingdom are seeing an improvement not only in their working efficiency, but they are also saving a lot of their valuable and tightly stretched budgets, by adopting Unified ...

March 13, 2009

Vyke joins forces with Nimbuzz

by David Masters
Vyke has teamed up with Nimbuzz in a bid to combine the strength of both companies. Under the new 'strategic partnership' mobile VoIP provider Vyke will market its services to users of the Nimbuzz mobile social networking platform. Globally available Nimbuzz is currently growing at over 20,000 new users per day, and is the only mobile social messaging service to have won ...

November 18, 2008

Fluke adds VoIP to MetroScope

by Jan Harris
Fluke Networks, which provides solutions for the installation and certification of copper, fibre and wireless networks, has announced the addition of VoIP to its MetroScope carrier Ethernet analyser. MetroScope can now provides real-time results from actual VoIP calls made over a carrier Ethernet line, making it easier and quicker for service providers to identify problems. Service providers can now make VoIP ...

November 12, 2008

Nimbuzz Gives Social Networks Outside Communications

by Alan Harten
Big-time IM and VOIP provider, Nimbuzz, has announced that it has entered into a new revenue sharing agreement with German language social network StudiVZ. This is part of the company's ongoing strategy to combine online communities with integrated web based and mobile communications. The company is hoping that this will be the first of many international social networks that will offer ...

October 7, 2008

Fring available on iPhone and iPod

by Jan Harris
fring has been approved by Apple, and is now available for iPhone and iPod devices, from the App Store. Fring will allow iPhone and iPod users to enjoy live, mobile instant messaging with friends, no matter what device their contacts are using, and benefit from cheaper calls over WiFi. Service users, called 'fringsters', can chat with contacts on their favourite ...

August 20, 2008

Fluke takes over NetAlly Product Line

by Alan Harten
Fluke Networks has purchased Viola Networks' intellectual property, which includes technologies and source code of the popular NetAlly product line. This will represent a big widening of the company’s product lines and a further business shift towards VoIP analysis. It seems that Fluke were particularly keen to get their hands on NetAlly to integrate it with their existing NetFlow Tracker and ...

July 14, 2008

Snom launches VoIP installation training

by Jan Harris
VoIP company, snom technology AG, is launching a series of training events, to help new VoIP users install VoIP telecommunications systems by Asterisk, and also its own VoIP telephones. Snom is introducing the training sessions in response to requests from dealers for introductory level training. Anyone who has purchased a snom VoIP starter package will be able to participate in ...

June 3, 2008

Paradial RealTunnel(r) is deployed by VIVOphone

by Alan Harten
STUN, TURN, ICE and SSL tunnelling in RealTunnel(r) enables VIVOphone's customers to access VIVOphone's VoIP services from anywhere, even if users are located behind strict corporate firewalls and web proxies. Paradial of Oslo, Norway, and VIVOphone of Miami, Florida, have announced that VIVOphone has enhanced their VoIP service with Paradial's RealTunnel(r) firewall and NAT traversal solution. RealTunnel, which supports ICE, STUN, TURN ...

March 25, 2008

VoSKY and AltiGen partner for Skype Extension Anywhere

by Jan Harris
VoSKY, which specialises in developing Skype for business solutions, has entered into a partnership with VoIP company, AltiGen Communications Inc, to provide 'Skype Extension Anywhere'. Combining AltiGen's VoIP solutions, with Skype, 'Skype Extension Anywhere' allows companies to connect their employees via Skype's VoIP network, with significant savings on communications costs. The solution is designed to allow employees working away ...

February 17, 2008

Two more Wi-Fi roaming partners for Boingo

by Lin Freestone
Boingo has added Sony Ericsson UIQ and Windows Mobile 6 to the list of mobile devices it supports with its roaming software. The company provides software technology and roaming services that help bring the wireless Internet to the masses. The client software gives transparent access to any wireless hotspot on Boingo's roaming list, automatically identifying the hotspot and connecting to it. ...

February 1, 2008

Bandwidth.com upgrades online VoIP test

by Jan Harris
Bandwidth.com has launched an improved online VoIP test, allowing customers to check their Internet connection for throughput, latency and SIP port compatibility for VoIP calls. The company provides advanced VoIP, Internet services, and managed network services to SMBs. The new online VoIP test checks upload speed to determine if the internet connection is capable of handling VoIP. While connections often ...

November 15, 2007

NexTone and Springboard collaborate on VoIP Billing

by Jan Harris
Springboard-ASA Ltd, a UK developer of billing and analysis solutions for VoIP providers, has certified its VoIP billing service as ServiceReady for use with NexTone’s IntelliConnect System. The IntelliConnect System allows IP network operators to manage network interconnects for real-time services and applications. It includes NexTone SBC (Session Border Controller), NexTone MSX (Multiprotocol Session Exchange) and IMX, (IP Multimedia Exchange). ...