Daily VoIP News Digest
Wednesday 30th of December 2009
November 27, 2009

Narus receives Internet Telephony excellence award

by Jan Harris
Narus Inc was named in Internet Telephony magazine’s 2009 excellence awards for its NarusInsight system. NarusInsight is a cyber protection, intercept and traffic management solution for managing and protecting large, complex IP networks. The solution, used by governments and large service providers, captures, analyses and correlates IP traffic in real time. Yogi Mistry, senior vice president of worldwide engineering at ...

October 29, 2009

Sipera enables secure VoIP over WiFi

by Jan Harris
Sipera Systems has announced the availability of Sipera Secure Live Communications (SLiC), a solution to ensure the security of VoIP calls over WiFi. Sipera SLiC is the first security solution for enterprises using VoIP, UC, and cloud telephony on mobile devices. It provides smart-card card authentication for workers using mobile VoIP calls to access enterprise resources, controlling access to confidential data ...

September 8, 2009

Virus allows listening in to VoIP calls

by Alan Harten
Those who are aware of spyware know that the viruses are capable of allowing hackers to spy on every movement or key typed while on their personal computers. In a twist to the equation, now both law enforcement officials and hackers have access to a new tool, a virus that can sit in on phone conversations online through VoIP ...

March 23, 2009

Murco chooses Timico to provide PWAN

by David Masters
Petrol station firm Murco Petroleum is updating its networking technology at 62 of its new forecourt retail outlets. The company has chosen unified communications provider Timico to supply and manage the updated private wide area network (PWAN). Using the new secure PWAN, Murco will be able to manage its growing network of retail sites across Britain. Whereas forecourt management reports used to take ...

March 17, 2009

Cellcrypt demos voice security solutions at Infosec

by Jan Harris
Cellcrypt Ltd, a London-based company which makes a smartphone application that allows companies to make encrypted VoIP calls internationally, is demonstrating its latest security solutions at Infosecurity Europe 2009 next month. Cellcrypt will showcase Cellcrypt Mobile which provides secure encrypted conversations using standard mobile phones and Cellcrypt PBX Gateway. Cellcrypt PBX Gateway connects to commercial PBX systems, providing secure calls ...

March 6, 2009

Ixia launches VoIP testing service

by David Masters
Ixia has launched a VoIP testing service with the ability to emulate up to one million concurrent endpoints. The service, IxLoad Voice, allows for an unprecedented one million SIP- and RTP- based endpoints per chassis. It's nearest competitor offers a maximum of just 200,000 endpoints. "VoIP protocols and technology may be well understood, but there are a host of potential problems when a ...

February 27, 2009

New Company Telephone Installation Scam

by Alan Harten
A story in several publications has warned IFA firms over false sales information coming from some unethical communications providers, who are telling companies that they have to install new telephone systems, costing as much as £30,000, to comply with new regulations from the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Director of major supplier of telephony equipment 500 Limited, Séan Ryan, said lack of ...

December 11, 2008

Fortify warns of VoIP PBX security risk

by David Masters
Application vulnerability specialist, Fortify Software, has warned companies using VoIP private branch exchange (PBX) software that they are vulnerable to hacker attacks. The complex program code used in Internet telephony software makes it an easy target for hackers, said Fortify. Fortify's warning comes days after the FBI told users of Asterisk VOIP PBX software to upgrade to the latest edition. A ...

June 27, 2008

Cisco releases patches for VoIP products

by Jan Harris
Cisco Security has released patches for vulnerabilities in its VoIP products. VoIPshield Laboratories identified the vulnerabilities in Cisco's Unified Communications Manager versions 5.x and 6.x, and in its Call Manager 4.x. The vulnerabilities could lead to unauthorised access and denial of service (DoS) attacks. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) was found to contain a flaw in its Computer Telephony ...

June 18, 2008

Researchers highlight threat to VoIP security

by Jan Harris
Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, have identified compression techniques as a potential security risk for VoIP users when used in conjunction with encryption technology. In a paper, called "Spot me if you can: Uncovering spoken phrases in encrypted VoIP conversations", the researchers suggests that the use of variable bitrate (VBR) compression techniques reduces the effectiveness of standard ...

May 21, 2008

Newport Networks highlights VoIP security

by Jan Harris
With VoIP telephony services becoming increasingly popular, Newport Networks has issued a timely reminder of the need to be mindful of security issues with the technology. The company, which makes VoIP equipment, has identified a small but growing problem with hackers eavesdropping on VoIP calls, and stealing encoded user names and passwords, which they can then easily decode and sell. ...

February 22, 2008

Russia originates most of world’s complex spyware and viruses

by Lin Freestone
Research from PC Tools, a international provider of spyware protection, has revealed that Russia has superseded the US and China as the world's highest producer of spyware and viruses. Russia is thought to account for 27.89% of malware, while China accounts for 26.52%. The US has slipped into third place with 9.98%. Statistics generated using Threat Expert, an automated threat ...

February 11, 2008

UM Labs VoIP security company announced

by Jan Harris
Peter Cox, an expert in VoIP, has announced his new security company, UM Labs. The company is planning to release new hardware-based VoIP security gateways, this year. Already in a late stage of development is the RC-2100, a gateway box designed to secure SIP-based voice, IM and video connections from roaming or mobile users calling back to HQ. This is ...

January 29, 2008

Verizon Wireless protects privacy of cell phone numbers

by Lin Freestone
Following speculation in the US that a voice and data network company was planning to sell the cell phone numbers of private citizens, Verizon Wireless has underlined its insistence that cell phone numbers remain private. Steve Zipperstein, vice president and general counsel of Verizon Wireless, says that Verizon Wireless intends to take whatever steps might be necessary, including litigation, to protect ...

January 22, 2008

BT denies Home Hub open to hacking

by Jan Harris
A report in 'The Register' claims that BT's broadband service, provided through its Home Hub scheme, could be vulnerable to hacking when customers make a call routed over the internet. This could allow an attacker to make calls on the user's machine, using a false number, according to the report. The hacker could then gain personal details by pretending to ...

January 21, 2008

Avaya pushes on Defense & Security Solutions for SIP

by Brian Turner
Avaya today introduced enhancements to its market-leading IP Telephony solutions delivering advanced Intelligent Communications capabilities using end-to-end, full-featured Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This includes the latest version of Avaya's flagship IP telephony software - Avaya Communication Manager 5.0 - which enables businesses to gain essential and innovative telephony functions using end-to-end SIP. With open standards-based SIP, businesses can drive greater ...

December 6, 2007

Cisco tackles security threat

by Lin Freestone
Cisco is trying to tackle a security threat in its VoIP phones that allow hackers to eavesdrop on conversations. The threat was discovered by a researcher working for Telindus, and allows hackers to remotely eavesdrop on Cisco Unified IP phones. Cisco Systems has confirmed that it is possible to eavesdrop on remote conversations using Cisco VoIP phones. The company has stated that ...

November 29, 2007

Cisco IP phones vulnerable to eavesdropping

by Jan Harris
Cisco's 7900 Series of IP phones has been shown to have a vulnerability in the Extension Mobility feature, which a hacker could exploit to eavesdrop on calls. Extension Mobility allows users to configure a Cisco IP phone as their own. When the feature is enabled it fails to encrypt signalling communications between a device and an internal web server. This ...

November 23, 2007

SIPtap software can eavesdrop on VoIP calls

by Jan Harris
UK VoIP expert, Peter Cox, has released a proof-of-concept program demonstrating the vulnerability of VoIP-based calls to eavesdropping, placing confidential information at risk. The software, called SIPtap, can monitor multiple VoIP calls and record them as .wav files, for remote inspection. A hacker would be able to infect a single PC on a network with a Trojan incorporating the programme. ...

German police unable to decipher Skype’s encryption

by Lin Freestone
At an annual gathering of security and law-enforcement officials, the president of Germany's Federal Police Office admitted that the police in Germany are unable to decipher the encryption used in Skype in order to monitor calls by suspected criminals and terrorists. Skype and other VoIP calling software is difficult to intercept because it works by breaking up voice data into small ...